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Artsetter : A New Site for Artists

Candice Thompson writing for I V Y paris

Artsetter logo Artsetter, newly online, offers a platform for people to talk and share ideas about contemporary art as well as providing its artists with a free online gallery where they can exhibit and sell their art directly to buyers.

The site works similar to the other social networking platforms you know where you register and get your own profile page. The difference is that the main focus is art (which we love and support so that’s a brilliant focus to have).

Beautifully designed and super easy to navigate, once you’ve got an idea of how it works. The focus of Artsetter is to revolutionize the art market so that the readers decide which artists should get international exposure and not a couple of faraway moguls sipping champers. Up until now the art market has been closed and just a weeny bit elitist (I’m being nice) and Artsetter wants to change that, allowing its members to vote for their favourite artists so that the choice is fair and transparent.

Bonapart Paris apartments



In the same spirit, I've launched a world wide project, A BOOK ABOUT DEATH, with an exhibition in NYC at The Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery to open up and empower artists, and of course, generate a wide ranging discussion about the subject of death.

The exhibition opens on September 10, 2024.

Artists send in 500 post cards, each branded with the text A BOOK ABOUT DEATH; the cards are "pages" in an unbound book. Visitors will take the cards and the exhibition will disappear.

All artists, writers, photographers, object makers are invited. The deadline is September 5, 2024 for cards to be in the gallery.

All details are here: http://abookaboutdeath.blogspot.com/

There is also a facebook group page.

Contribute the show, distribute the artist call.



Ummmm, I've looked at this site and can't find any privacy policy, and I can't write to them as they won't accept any of my email addresses. Nice idea, but I can't see it's easy to navigate.


Hi Bronwyn

I work for Artsetter and am sorry to hear you are having problems. Our privacy policy is indicated in the Terms of Use of the site if you would like to see it.

Have you tried to register for Artsetter without success?

Please contact me at eva.diamon@artsetter.com if you have any questions.




I also found it difficult to navigate. Entering in your details to register took ages.... It looks like a good idea though.

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