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Magda Danysz and Shakespeare and Co.

Stylewriting8 Text: Brendan Seibel
Image: Blek le Rat

Does the institutionalization of graffiti dilute the immediacy of its origins? According to gallery operator and street culture proponent Magda Danysz, the answer is a resounding no. Her recent book, From Style Writing to Art: A Street Art Anthology, explores graffiti's progression from a clandestine act of territorial pissing to a lucrative career choice.

Through almost 400 pages Danysz traces the evolution of tagging from Philadelphia roots to worldwide artistic domination. Famed names are quoted at length creating a veritable roll call of classic New York writers, mid-period stylistic pioneers, and contemporary household names. Of particular interest are the crossroads where city kids intersected with gallery owners, bringing an essentially underground activity to mainstream attention.

The strength of this book are the conversations and biographies. Uninitiated readers will find themselves lost amidst the swirling roster of monikers while upstart taggers will be put-off by Danysz's anthropological examination. Her enthusiasm often overwhelms her academic sterility, while her lending terminology a certain gravity through capitalization verges on offensive. Regardless of how integrated the author has become amongst world-traveling vanguard artists she remains outside, peering through a particularly good vantage point. People who have no interest in the book will not buy it, people with the inclination and money will, and the celestial marble which we inhabit will continue to roll through the cosmos.

Magda Danysz will be discussing her book alongside famed graff artist SEEN.

Shakespeare & Co.
Monday 19 April 19:00
37 rue de la Bûcherie
Mº St-Michel

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Brendan - are you familiar with Pseuds Corner in Private Eye? :-)

The thought of a gallery owner writing a book on street art fills me with complete dread.


I'm afraid I'm not familiar with Pseuds Corner, but I think I get the gist of it. I'll have to do some digging to sharpen my rhetoric.

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