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Room of References - today thru 26 April

ROR_Front Text: Philip, TPTP

Room of References invites you to share idea-evoking images and objects, and look into the ones of others. Anyone can come and hand in a piece for this exhibition at any time during opening hours.  The piece can be of any kind (art work, photo, drawing, music piece, book, magazine, letter or other object) as long as it has very special/profound meaning to you, and has worked as inspiration source for you during a longer period. We invite you to come in and experience this world of references - whether you want to submit something yourself, or just come in for a drink, and dwell into the various pieces (photos, objects, books, notes etc)...You are welcome!

While constantly being confronted with a huge number of images and objects in our environment, only few get our devoted attention. I personally have an archive of photos that I look into once in a while. Some of the images are of my own work, while others are found images. Common for those images is that I go back to them over and over again, especially when I feel uninspired. They recall thoughts and emotions hidden in the back of my mind, and remind me of ideas I would otherwise forget. In that sense these photos and objects function as notes that remind me of certain ideas that I would otherwise possibly forget.

To participate, just come in during opening hours with your piece. In case you are out of town, but want to participate, then you can email your piece to : to tptp (@) gmail.com mentioning the author/maker of the object, how and when you came across it, how it has influenced you and how often you look at it/use it.

TPTP Space
April 18-26, 2024
20 rue Muller
75018 Paris
tel. +33952591339

Bonapart Paris apartments



do you have any more details about what they do with the pieces you bring in? does it feature your name, etc or is it anonymous? and do you get the pieces back? very interesting concept i'm going to check it out!


Isn't this a bit like having a chat down the pub?

The Editor

yeah. So?


You can find further info here:
(Go to main page, and "exhibitions" for more elaborate information)

ROOM OF REFERENCES starts today Sunday as an empty room and will, depending on the contributions, evolve into an archive of inspiration-pieces.
The pieces can be submitted any day, anytime during opening hours, and can be picked up again after the exhibition ends.
When submitting the piece, one will also fill out a paper with a few questions about the piece one submits. The name of the person submitting it will also be featured.

ROOM OF REFERENCES runs from April 18th - April 26th both days included.
See opening times on the web page

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