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La Factorie Saint Amour

4462508718_45e913c575 Text and image: Brendan Seibel

A high gloss finish threatens La Factorie Saint Amour. Neighboring Pére Lachaise this corner bistro already suffers famished grave seekers threatening the quiet ambiance and throngs of the fashionable would further distract from the unexpectedly brilliant dishes.

Accommodations for foreigners include hamburgers, but even standards shine through as high quality. Instead of offering a select menu of pastas to court picky diners the chef instead pampers a simple penné with a delicate balance of tart and sweet, balancing the richness of melting ricotta with the bright explosions of tomates confites. Traditionalists will be challenged by a varied menu boasting top shelf crustaceans, fish or cuts of meat from the finest regions of France. Those aiming for a light meal would be wise to avoid ordering La Gourmande, a towering platter so thick with duck, ham and foie gras the salad might be merely garnish.

Portions are generous by Parisian standards and throwing a dart at the menu would guarantee a terrific meal. On the downside, although the dining room may extend further than most, the accoustics are taxing - conversation reverberates off brick pillars and polished wood trimmings. The staff are welcoming and polite but easily distracted and prone to disappear. Grabbing your order from the chef locked away in his cooking box mid-restaurant might be the way to go.

La Factorie Saint Amour
31 Boulevard Menilmontant
Mº Pére Lachaise
(01) 47 97 20 15

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