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Candice Thompson writing for I V Y paris

Artsetter logo Artsetter, newly online, offers a platform for people to talk and share ideas about contemporary art as well as providing its artists with a free online gallery where they can exhibit and sell their art directly to buyers.

The site works similar to the other social networking platforms you know where you register and get your own profile page. The difference is that the main focus is art (which we love and support so that’s a brilliant focus to have).

Beautifully designed and super easy to navigate, once you’ve got an idea of how it works. The focus of Artsetter is to revolutionize the art market so that the readers decide which artists should get international exposure and not a couple of faraway moguls sipping champers. Up until now the art market has been closed and just a weeny bit elitist (I’m being nice) and Artsetter wants to change that, allowing its members to vote for their favourite artists so that the choice is fair and transparent. Art between artists - right on target

Susan Adda writing for I V Y paris

Image 4-1 Navigating the art world can prove to be a confusing runaround, especially for those with specific criteria in mind. For players on the art scene, the on-line community, in it's incredible vastness, holds the promise of hope for international recognition, a following, or of attracting a larger audience.

For those with an interest in art or art promotion, the inclusion of on-line networking has been in recent years, one of the best ways to get the word out, although not specifically to members of the art community. Facebook and Myspace offer a different approach to providing a presence on the net, but cater to a general audience.

Finally the art world has found it's own on-line network. A free-access meeting place directed exclusively to the art community, is a self-described «portal devoted entirely to art».

As part of the «Artween Tribe», participants can publicize art events, promote art work and keep in touch. User-friendly, the site includes a specific database for each search category : Type of art researched, type of art represented or created, nationality, and an alphabetical listing accordingly- The art world at your fingertips.

All encompassing, Artween accomodates anyone with an interest in art, and provides a not only a spotlight for the players who promote the art scene, but also an access for it's audience: Information seekers, talent hunters and art lovers. The artween network includes artists, galleries, collectors, dealers, museums and foundations, a market place, art students, and art-job listings.

More on: Art between artists - right on target

Stéphane Bezombes at the Grand Salon

Dsc00570Talk with young French specialists in new media for the arts and museums, with Stephane Bezombes, founder of reciproque, who works on the development and management of high level cultural digital projects, designed for large audiences (bornes, internet sites, CD-ROM, video games, films, installations).

From 2024 to 2024 Bezombes was responsible for multimedia museographic projects at France’s Musee du quai Branly, and today he aids and advisees major museums on their digital strategy and multimedia architecture, among them the Musee du quai Branly, the Louvre, the Cite de la Musique, and the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

February 17th, 2024 at 7 pm.

The Grand Salon
31 avenue Bosquet
75007 Paris


Flash Crossover Urban Art

Crossover Participate in the Flash Crossover Urban Art competition for a chance to be exposed in a prestigious gallery at Place Des Vosges in the heart of Paris. The challenge is to create a piece of artwork with the theme "Urbanproof" using Adobe's Flash software. Submissions due on September 14th, 2024.

In conjunction with the competition, the Nikki Diana Marquardt gallery will showcase five artists who will explore urban art from September 20th to the 27th. Painters, graffiti and video artists issued from the street art scene will work around the theme "Urbanproof." Be sure to check out the original pieces especially created by Sophie Toulouse, Babou, Jaya, Deace and Dardex Mort2faim.

Galerie Nikki Diana Marquardt
9, place des Vosges
10, rue de Turenne
75004 Paris

Call for submissions: Hitotoki comes to Paris!


What is Hitotoki?

Hitotoki is an online literary project collecting stories of singular experiences tied to locations in cities worldwide. Sort of like a narrative map of the world.

The word Hitotoki is a Japanese noun comprised of two components: hito or "one" and toki or "time," and is often translated as "a moment." In common usage, it can be used to describe any brief, singular stretch of time.

Hitotoki is a website comprised of short narratives describing pivotal moments of elation, confusion, absurdity, love or grief — or anything in between — inseparably tied to a specific place. Like a Japanese, web-centered take on psychogeography.

More on: Call for submissions: Hitotoki comes to Paris!

David Blair at Confluences on Saturday

David Blair is giving a presentation [English+ some translation, plus French interlocuter] at Confluences on Saturday, (tomorrow). David will speak about his project “Wax or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees”
and his next project, “The Telepathic Motion Picture of THE LOST TRIBES”.

More on: David Blair at Confluences on Saturday

Smart City and Festival Emergences

The annual Festival Emergences will take place this year the 26th thru 29th of September. An international festival dedicated to electronic cultures and emerging artistic forms, Emergences brings together French players in the digital creation scene - cultural centres, artistic collectives, universities, research laboratories, multimedia and video production companies.

A resolutely multi-disciplinary event, Emergences highlights an unconfined and hybrid culture, in movement, at the crossroads of the performing arts, visual arts, multimedia, design, architecture and electronic music.

More on: Smart City and Festival Emergences

I V Y paris myspace

Hey readers — do you have a myspace page? Have you invited I V Y paris to be your friend?

New TGV to the East of France, Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg

You can buy tickets online at SNCF from 10E on the new TGV Est. There are 130 destinations - not only regions in the East of France but Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg too. Christian Lacroix has designed the interiors of the train if you need any more reasons to check it out.

All Tomorrow’s Pictures at the ICA , London

The ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) in London has announced details of its All Tomorrow’s Pictures project, launching on May 30 2024, to mark its 60th anniversary.

In a collaboration with Sony Ericsson, artists have been asked to capture a snapshot of the future with their cell phone camera - famous names from the visual arts, film, literature, politics, science and sport - artists Graham Coxon, Dan Holdsworth and Jake and Dinos Chapman.

"Normal people" have been involved too - gallery of photos. This image here has apparently won but they haven't published the photographers name so I can't credit him or her!

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