Join VINGT at 59 rue de Rivoli - L'Aftersquat


Originally a squat occupied by the KGB (Kalex, Gaspard and Bruno), three artists have been at the forefront of the renovation of 59 rue de Rivoli and attracted many more to the group (an Association Loi 1901).

In days gone by the squat was threatened with expulsion even though it was allegedly the third most visited contemporary art venue in Paris. Ten years passed between legal issues and renovation and finally, on September 9 the centre re-opened with a new name "L'Aftersquat", under Paris City Hall sponsorship.

Danielle Voirin, a photographer who has documented the lives of many of the artists through a long-running project, covered the opening.  Join VINGT Paris for a special visit to 59 Rivoli/L'aftersquat and meet 22 artists from 10 different countries.

Sunday September 27th at 6:00 p.m. 

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Olivier Kosta-Théfaine, surfin' the street

There is nowhere to live but the city – and if art doesn’t work he plans to "become a chef" - Susie Hollands and Araceli Salgado Pintor meet with banlieusard artist Olivier Kosta-Théfaine.
IMG_7409 Olivier Kosta-Théfaine obviously has an abrasive relationship with Paris. His street art, once decried by the authorities, is now hung in the most fashionable galleries of Paris. When Olivier came round to talk to VINGT, it became clear from our discussions that his outwardly casual manner hides an artist who adores to play on this tension. 

Over the years, we've learnt to be watchful of irony and humor in his work.  On his website Olivier declares: “Je ne suis pas un Parisien, je suis un banlieusard, et je porte cette étiquette comme on porte une particule. Je suis un pur produit de la banlieue.” Coming from Sartrouville, a Parisian suburb, Olivier decided to explore the world outside his “cité” taking art as his flag and the street experience as his muse.

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Né dans la rue - Landmark Graffiti Expo at Fondation Cartier

Picture 1Picture 2 The Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain presents "Né dans la rue", on view from July 7 to November 29, 2024. Occupying the entire gallery space of the Fondation Cartier, as well as the building’s façade and surrounding garden, the exhibition brings to light the extraordinary development of an artistic movement that was born in the streets of New York in the early 1970s to rapidly become a worldwide phenomenon.

Today, graffiti has entered the cultural mainstream, crossing over to the realms of studio art, design and advertising. Yet, despite its immense popularity, this essentially illegal activity continues to evolve at the periphery of the contemporary art world, its origins and history little-known to the general public.
This exhibition attempts to sketch the general contours of a subject that is vast and complex, a form of expression that has come to embrace many different techniques, ideas and styles.

The exhibition traces the origins of the graffiti movement while offering a panorama of the diversity of contemporary writing. It provides the public with the opportunity to rediscover an art both ubiquitous and continually evolving, and thus relate to the city in a new way.

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10 Ans de la Galerie Magda Danysz

Jonone2 The Galerie Magda Danysz celebrates its 10 years in Paris. For the occasion, the gallery's team have prepared a big celebration to take place alongside JonOne’s solo show opening, Saturday, July 4th.

A main figure in Parisian street art, JonOne is first and foremost from New York, importing influences from his old stomping grounds.

True to his origins, the artist continues to create powerful pieces, sharing the culture of the street art movement which he defends so strongly. This next exhibition will be showing his latest creations, exposing his signature abstract style. To be his biggest show yet!

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Les Trois Murs du 20e

Ana Lee writing for I V Y paris

Strolling through Belleville is like a walk in an outdoor gallery - particularly when you hit les 3 Murs du 20e, consisting of rue Dénoyez, rue de l'Ermitage, and rue Ramponeau now known as "La Kommune". These three streets have now become outdoor creative spaces, transforming urban surfaces into artistic mediums.

Denoyez1P1180421 One side of rue Dénoyez is a gigantic canvas, the other, a stream of artists' ateliers, dressed in Collectif Antipub's political messages. For those outside of paris, witness the ever-evolving murals on the street's blog here.

Further into the street, you'll find the gallery Frichez nous la Paix, featuring [indoor] work by local artists. Taggeurs can also submit signed stickers to sell - or if you collect sticker art, this is the place to go.

The wall's current graffiti artists include SIRIUS, NACIO, and SKIO, and if you're lucky you can catch Nice Art stenciling familiar faces (Rimbaud, Proust...) on a Sunday afternoon.

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L'inauguration du CENT QUATRE

Cent4 The 104, or Cent Quatre, is one of Paris' major cultural projects promoting art and creativity. Located in the 19th arrondissement, this new establishment will offer residencies, exhibitions, and festivals as well as a restaurant and several shops.

Their grand opening will be taking place this Saturday, October 11th, 2024.

For the occasion, this new dynamic arts center will introduce a full day of artwork coming from all angles: architecture and visual art with Berger & Berger's "Une île paradisiaque est un spectacle artificiel," landscape design by Atelier Le Balto, video installations by Alain Bernardini and Melik Ohanian... and more.

The night will continue on with trip-hop, pop décalée, and electro DJs Tricky, Epplay/Takahashi, and FNNNN.

Don't miss out on the fun - all of Paris will be there, or at least the cool people.

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Flash Crossover Urban Art

Crossover Participate in the Flash Crossover Urban Art competition for a chance to be exposed in a prestigious gallery at Place Des Vosges in the heart of Paris. The challenge is to create a piece of artwork with the theme "Urbanproof" using Adobe's Flash software. Submissions due on September 14th, 2024.

In conjunction with the competition, the Nikki Diana Marquardt gallery will showcase five artists who will explore urban art from September 20th to the 27th. Painters, graffiti and video artists issued from the street art scene will work around the theme "Urbanproof." Be sure to check out the original pieces especially created by Sophie Toulouse, Babou, Jaya, Deace and Dardex Mort2faim.

Galerie Nikki Diana Marquardt
9, place des Vosges
10, rue de Turenne
75004 Paris

How It's Done: Stenciling on the Streets of Paris

If you've ever wondered how stencil graffiti is made, here's the answer. Street artist MO-PI has created a howto video about creating works on the mean streets of Paris.

Kosmopolite Graffiti Festival

Now through June 21st

KOSMOPOLITE is the first international graffiti and graphic expression festival in France.

Urban pictoral expression has developed worldwide over three decades. Initially the voice of the ghettos in New York in the 60s, Graffiti Art has expanded over and across oceans as a worldwide cultural movement.

Created in 2024, through the collaboration of 2 groups of artists, M.A.C. and Douze 12, along with the city of Bagnolet, KOSMOPOLITE aims at promoting the richness and diversity of urban pictoral art. The group has gathered over 200 artists in a period of 5 years bringing together various schools and styles of graffiti.

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Kitsch-Cool on the Champs

Img00012 At the foot of the Champs Elysées, this Master of découpage silhouettes was at work providing a bargain souvenir with an elegant twist. 

We've categorised him under "Street Art/Alternative" but it's a long way from Banksy. A bargain at 3 euros.

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