Exposition Femmes, Après Coup a Hotel de Ville

RDC_200907_LAM.2979_reference Image: Lâm Duc Hiên

Femmes, Après Coup is a photography and sound installation about violence against women presented by Medecins du Monde in front of Hotel de Ville until April 24, 2024.  It is composed of seven testimonies from victims of violence in Guatemala, Haiti, Moldavia, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Democratic Republic of Congo and France. The portaits by Lâm Duc Hiên are accompanied by testimonies of acts of violence, whether physical, psychological or economic. Not only does the exhibition inform about the multiplicity of forms of violence and possible solutions, but it also hopes to break the taboo around the subject and encourage speaking up to help overcome the status of a victim.

According to the photographer, Lâm Duc Hiên, the purpose of the exhibition is to "end the silence of these battered women, translate their suffering in images." He adds, "I wanted to tell their life stories through their own eyes. " Lâm Duc Hiên, who has Vietnamese origins, was born in Laos, but fled the country in 1975 to seek refuge in Thailand and then France. Having obtained his diploma in fine arts, he became a photographer working for humanitarian organizations and covered Romania, Russia, conflict zones in Mauritania, Kurdistan, Sudan and Bosnia. He won the World Press Photo prize in 2024 for his series of portraits entitled Iraqis under embargo. He also the author of the exposition, Mekong, history of men currently on display on the fence of the Luxembourg gardens.

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Photographer Enrico Dagnino Awarded Louis Hachette Prize 2024

Actu-monde-Ouverture-immigrants_articlephotoPhoto: Enrico Dagnino

The Louis Hachette Prize 2024 was awarded last week to the journalist François de Labarre and the photographer Enrico Dagnino for the reporting distributed by Paris Match Immigrants, rêve brisé, realised on the Sicilian island of Lampedusa in Italy. This investigation, a unique proof of the Human Rights violation by the Italian state, has alerted the European Union and the United Nations. The reporting pictures have been widely broadcasted in European press: la Repubblica, Die Zeit, Afrique Magazine, l’Illustré, il Corriere della serra… and have been screened at the photojournalism festival Visa pour l’Image 2024. In 26 years, the jury has only rewarded three photographers with this prize, generally reserved to written press journalists: in 1990 to Jacques Langevin for his photographic reporting Sous les balles à Pékin; in 1998 to Hocine for his picture of the Algerian woman, and this year to Enrico Dagnino.

"Izis, Paris des Rêves" at Hôtel de Ville

Chalon Text: Joanna Bronowicka

A sunny afternoon by the Seine: a worker is taking a nap on the banks, a couple is kissing under the bridge, and an old man is fishing as his wife is knitting next to him.  For a few moments they take refuge from the difficult reality of Paris ravaged by war and poverty after World War II without realizing that Izis catches them in the act of daydreaming. Asked why he chose Paris after having fled the persecution of Jews in Lithuania in 1930, Izis replied, “Because it excited my imagination. It was the City of Lights. For me everything was happening in Paris. Liberty, Equality of man and Culture, that’s what made us dream.” The retrospective of his photography at Hotel de Ville "Izis, Paris des Rêves" invites us to discover this dreamlike poetry in the everyday life of Paris.

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Paris Inondé 1910

Viewmultimediadocument Text: Brendan Seibel

Well-heeled Parisians traversing flooded boulevards seem more the product of Luis Buñuel than of nature. This astonishing exhibition, presented on the centennial anniversary of The Great Flood of 1910, represents a surreal period when poor weather and rapidly melting snowpack contributed to a swollen Seine bursting its banks.

Collecting documents, photographs, paintings and memorabilia from a variety of archives and museums, Paris inondé 1910 is an immersive journey through the winter inundation. Expertly plotted and arranged the exhibition combines easily digested facts (in French) with documentary evidence. Beginning with the conditions which lead to the Seine's explosion, the journey guides you through the breaching of the quais, alongside the citizenry coping with disaster, and into the massive restoration efforts after the river receded.

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Isadora Duncan “A Living Sculpture”

I_duncan Musée Bourdelle presents an ambitious exposition devoted to Isadora Duncan, one of the sources of inspiration for Antoine Bourdelle. The exposition is divided into five parts recreating the intellectual and artistic context of an epoch and celebrating this pioneer dancer. It traces the tumultuous life and career of Isadora Duncan through photographs, works of art and documents. The first part introduces us to the salon of Madame de Saint-Marceaux where Duncan took her first steps as a dancer. In the second, works by her contemporaries Antoine Bourdelle, Auguste Rodin, José Clarà, Rik Wouters, Jules Grandjouan, André Dunoyer de Segonzac and Abraham Walkowitz illustrate Isadora’s revolutionary art. The third part explores the fascination with Greece that Duncan shared with her brother Raymond, while the fourth is devoted to photographs of Duncan. Finally, the exhibition concludes with an examination of the relationship between Isadora Duncan and Antoine Bourdelle and the works of art that it inspired.

Musée Bourdelle
18, rue Antoine Bourdelle
75015 Paris
Métro : Montparnasse - Bienvenüe / Falguière
Phone: 01 49 54 73 73

Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm until March 14, 2024. 

The Arts Arena Presents Françoise Heilbrun: Photography at the Musée d’Orsay

Sarah Moroz writing for VINGT Paris9782080300928FS

The Arts Arena is hosting Françoise Heilbrun at its next event. Heilbrun is the head curator of photography at the Musée d'Orsay, a collection comprised of no less than 50,000 prints and negatives. Her forthcoming book, tellingly entitled Photography at the Musée d’Orsay, will surely be an engrossing insider look at the museum's collection and, more broadly, at the history of photograhy itself. Having already written and contributed to 60 published books, this photography aficionado will undoubtedly be a great source of information to all of those who know their Edouard Baldus from their Pierre Bonnard...

The Arts Arena Presents Françoise Heilbrun: Photography at the Musée d’Orsay

Tuesday, November 3, 19h

The Grand Salon

31 avenue Bosquet 75007

Métro: Ecole Militaire or Pont de l'Alma

To reserve seating, please email artsarena@aup.fr

Photoquai @ Quai Branly

Mira Kamdar writing for VINGT Paris

Iranian Photog QBUntil November 22, strollers along the banks of the Seine can take in an additional pleasure: the stunning work of 50 contemporary photographers exhibited outside the Quai Branly.

This exhibition is the second part of the museum's photography exhibitions, biennale Photoquai

The photographers hail from the six different geographic zones featured in this museum dedicated to bringing the non-Western world to Paris.  

The outdoor exhibition is free and open to the public. Inside, Anahita Ghabaian Etehadieh, co-founder of the Silk Road Gallery in Teheran, curates an exhibition dedicated to Iran. An additional exhibition of photographs from the Quai Branly’s permanent collection is on view at the Pavillon des Sessions, a branch of the museum at the Louvre. 

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Its Only Rock N' Roll – Guy Peellaert and Dominique Tarlé

Stephanie Wells writing for VINGT Paris

Picture_368Picture_369If only walls could talk. Fortunately Dominique Tarlé's photographs tell all. Through October 30th, the Galerie de l'Instant presents "Rocks Off", a collection of works by possibly the best rock and roll photographer you've never heard of.

Its 1971. A nubile Keith Richards, pajamas settled to the edge of suggestiveness, lights a cigarette from a mysterious unsmiling blond. Click.

Mick Jagger, half sober, lounges on a Louis XVI banquet table littered with glasses as a heavy lidded Richards strums his guitar. Click.

Roger Daltry, Marianne Faithfull, and the incandescent Jimi Hendrix are among the subjects of Tarlé's debut photography exhibit in France. All disheveled hair and lascivious torsos, Tarlé captures consciously cool rock icons from uncannily simple perspectives. His obvious ease and, not only physical but spiritual proximity to his subjects sets Tarlé’s photography apart; he is as if possessed by the same spirit.

Don't take my word for it. Ask him. Every Saturday from 14h-19h, Tarlé holds court in person at the Galerie de l'Instant, answering what we want…no. Need to know.

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Recherche Femme Américaine Divorcée...

Find this guy on the Pont des Arts, right by the Institut de France selling bottles of water and picking up tourists... IMG00244

Guests at Men's Paris Fashion Week: Tranoï Showroom and the Bernhard Willhelm SS '10 Show

Photography by Ana Lee

Bernhard Willhelm - Guests

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