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Artween.com: Art between artists - right on target

Susan Adda writing for I V Y paris

Image 4-1 Navigating the art world can prove to be a confusing runaround, especially for those with specific criteria in mind. For players on the art scene, the on-line community, in it's incredible vastness, holds the promise of hope for international recognition, a following, or of attracting a larger audience.

For those with an interest in art or art promotion, the inclusion of on-line networking has been in recent years, one of the best ways to get the word out, although not specifically to members of the art community. Facebook and Myspace offer a different approach to providing a presence on the net, but cater to a general audience.

Finally the art world has found it's own on-line network. A free-access meeting place directed exclusively to the art community, artween.com is a self-described «portal devoted entirely to art».

As part of the «Artween Tribe», participants can publicize art events, promote art work and keep in touch. User-friendly, the site includes a specific database for each search category : Type of art researched, type of art represented or created, nationality, and an alphabetical listing accordingly- The art world at your fingertips.

All encompassing, Artween accomodates anyone with an interest in art, and provides a not only a spotlight for the players who promote the art scene, but also an access for it's audience: Information seekers, talent hunters and art lovers. The artween network includes artists, galleries, collectors, dealers, museums and foundations, a market place, art students, and art-job listings.

Artween TV proposes video broadcasts of recent interviews with key players on the scene by professional journalists. The viewer, while never leaving the confort of his comfy chair and computer screen, is introduced to curators, museum directors, successful working artists like Jeff Koons, and major art fairs.

With a presence in almost 200 countries, visits to artween are contantly on the rise, 150,000 in the space of three months, and growing by leaps and bounds.

N503331351_1468 Launched by Alec Sellem in 2024, new-media fan and self-professed art lover, artween was created with the ambition to open the doors to the art world and it's players to a larger audience. Artween has partnered with Art Elysées, Artparis, and MAC 2024 in Paris. Next stop is a partnership with Art Brussels- Contemporary Art Fair in April.

An art competition for artween artists was organised at the end of 2024, and the winner received an exhibition at a Paris Gallery. More art competitions will be sceduled in the future. The success of artween is an indisputable reminder that the internet is currently the best interface for art connections and will continue to be so in the future.

Bonapart Paris apartments


Great idea! Totally needed!!


twitter: chicsetera

THanks for the info- hard to keep up on all the new stuff!
For my art event info I also love www.mutualart.com which allows me to select my cities, preferred artists and venues and then emails me with whats going on so I can plug it right into Gcal.

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