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John Rockwell at the Arts Arena

John-editedsmallBW2Text: Brendan Seibel

Find yourself alone at a cocktail party? Finger's crossed you'll be standing next to John Rockwell, who has written about an astonishing variety of arts for over forty years. A student of dance under the tutelage of Anna Halprin, a graduate of Harvard, and holding a master's of German history at the University of California Berkeley, Rockwell has lived in Germany, France and both coasts of the States. His columns and reviews appeared in several newspapers, including multiple stints at the New York Times, and he was the inaugural director for the annual celebration of performing arts, the Lincoln Center Festival.

Covering opera, dance, film and music, Rockwell has amassed an inspiring amount of general knowledge. Attacking subjects in a conversational tone his writings on the more esoteric arts never alienate the tourist. Between background and context each column becomes a learning experience, more an excited act of sharing than a stodgy recitation of facts. As his populist approach inhibits in-depth critique his insights weaken on any given subject the reader know well, but Rockwell acts not as an academic so much as a talented host who gently sends guests into conversation with strangers.

Marginally retired after publishing four books Rockwell continues to contribute periodic articles and maintains his presence online. Although his two-year stint contributing to WNYC's podcasts would suggest a reliance on wooden reading, his appearance should swing as loose as his prose if allowed to run off script.

A reception follows. For reserved seating please contact news(@)vingtparis.com

John Rockwell
Tuesday, April 13, 19:00 in the Grand Salon
The Arts Arena
The American University of Paris
31 avenue Bosquet

Mº La Tour-Maubourg/Invalides

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