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La Générale Paris 19


La Générale, Paris - Performance des chaises musicales, Photo : Otto Muelhettaler
La Générale” is a laboratory of artistic creation related to urbanity and political thought.

Next Thursday 26th April at 7pm they will be screening « Au Sud de l’Est La Tribu de Petrovaradin »
A documentary by Zelimir Zilnik charting the history of the Eastern European rock festival, EXIT.

The good news is that the Minister of Culture and Communication declared that his administration commit to find a new situation for “La Generale”. Until this move, “La Generale” will remain in its current premises. The threat of expulsion has been suspended and the dialogue with French authorities ongoing. The discussion is also about trying to find a long-term solution for the arts collective and its project.


That pic is from almost two years ago!! I should know... I was the one who won the musical chairs. (The girl in a green bathing suit!) It wasn't really a performance but more a fashion show put on by Andrea Crews. Does Otto have more pics? I'd love to see them.

no way, are you in the pic?

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