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Recherche.culture.fr, a portal for culture


The French Minister of Culture and Communication is offering free access to their "collections," documentation and National Archives organized under 14 different themes.
Using their search engine, you can consult their database providing more than 1,8 millions pieces of data: photos, paintings, but also guided visits, bibliographies... that cover all angles of art, from architecture to music to genealogy. For example, type in "Adam and Eve" and it will give you a vast list of images and historical monuments illustrating Adam and Eve.
A perfect site whether you're doing a research paper or looking for a specific historic image.
You can also get info on current expos, libraries, literature, events happening all over France...the list is endless.
Consider it the Google for cultural information.
Access to its free ressources here.

Photo: Société Française d'Archéologie et Archives Photographiques (Médiathèque de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine) © CMN


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