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Naturally7 in Paris Metro

With thanks to ThisFrenchLife's Craig McGinty for sending me this amusing clip of N7 on the Paris Métro. Watch those Parisians scowl, but eventually warm. Especially love son of Sarkozy backward glances.

Bonapart Paris apartments


Okay these boys are off the hook. Seriously why don't I ever see this shit? WHO are they?????? I want a CD. What a great cover of Phil Collins, one of my faves. Let's style these boys.

Okay that one madame getting into it was cracking me up. I had to rewatch it.

ok just one more thing, you can purchase Naturally 7 and especially this song on iTunes, even in France. How nice. I just found a new song to jump rope to at the gym. How come I never got a chance to catch this act when I was in New York? I'm bummed. That tenor voice that does the Phil Collins drum solo (remember Phil is a kick ass drummer) sounds better than the percussion setting on a synth. Reminds me of that guy from Police Academy that could make all the sounds with his mouth. Very cool. Thanks Susie!!

Hey Friends,

Naturally Seven are going to shoot their brandnew video and they want YOU to join ´em!!!


02 May 2024 , 8 pm



Invalidenstraße 30

10115 Berlin


You want to join the Videoshoot? Send a Mail to the following address (the number of participants is limited): N7fanmail@googlemail.com

!!! Please wear a dark outfit ...free drinks and food!!!

See you in Berlin!!!

Wow! They are just AMAZING, can I steal it and link to your blog? I loved it! thanks.

Of course. Have you seen they are shooting a video in Berlin and want volunteers?

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