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Cité Des Arts residency in central Paris

Cité Des Arts hosts foreign artists who wish to live and work in Paris. A subsidised studio in a 17th century building by the Seine must be worth a shot. One site is located at 18, rue de l’Hôtel de Ville and includes 260 individual workshops. Another at 24, rue Norvins in Montmartre is composed of several buildings grouped together in a large garden and has 30 individual workshops.

Artists can stay at the International Arts City from two months to one year. Once their applications are accepted, residents are given their own workshop/housing, which serves as both a place of work and a place of residence. Each housing unit measures 20-40 m². The residence also houses an exhibition area where young artists display their work and perform concerts.

To become a resident of the Cité Internationale des Arts:
Applications must be submitted by post (not by e-mail). Applications may be submitted by the country or institution belonging to the founding group of the International Arts City. Individual artists may also put together an application, which is subject to review. Applications are pre-selected by the City of Paris and then presented to the panels of experts convened by the International Arts City. It is important to note that the housing provided by the International Arts City is a paying service, which costs 281 euros per month on average.

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Where do I find out more information about the application process for this residency? Are there downloadable and printable applications available online? Thanks! Ericka

Hi Ericka - Contact Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris and speak to Delphine Moreau (delphine.moreau@ciup.fr)

Is it ok to write an email in eglish to delphine moreau ? And is it generally a problem to apply if your french knowledge is ... lets say simple :)


YES, Delphine speaks perfect english

Hi there - just to let you know that Delphine Moreau works for Cite Universitaire, which is a completely different organisation to the Cite des Arts. The contact details for the latter are citedesarts@citedesartsparis.net.

whoops, i always get them mixed up. To see about that residency click herehttp://ivyparisnews.com/2008/01/cit-universitai.html

Can anyone who has been through the program relay their experience with Cite International Des Arts?


Having spent 15 months at the Cité des Arts some years ago, the policy, if I remember it correctly, is: You are permitted a total of 24 months there. But you must reapply. I'm pretty certain the rules of the program are on their web site: http://www.citedesartsparis.net/

As for my experience there, it was mixed. While the rent was extremely cheap, my room/studio was small and not very conducive for the kind of work I was then making. So I started at the walls for about 6 months then began working in books and finally began producing small works; although there was a large wall and I did, now that I remember, produce some large black and white drawings.

The crowd there is from all over the world. I quickly became friends with artists and musicians from Finland, Sweden, Portugal, France, Germany, Greece and elsewhere. It's a fascinating place in a way, for someone who has never lived in Paris.

Feel free to contact me for more information.


Matthew Rose/Paris, France

Hi, I just visited an artist there today. There are a few different buildings- some spaces are for artists who apply FROM THEIR COUNTRY OF ORIGIN, but sometimes spaces can be applied for by foreign artists in France, but I understood mostly the former. I think this is because the funding comes from each country- they each have their own selection committees & specific rooms to let.
The room I saw was simple but perfect- facing a courtyard on a side street (the annex) and it was good for concentration, that is, quiet. The artist I visited said the cité doesn't encourage interaction among residents, and hardly anyone speaks to each other! He thought that was because of the directrice! But there was classical music floating into the courtyard and the buildings are simple and good examples of modernism.

je veux [etude] en cite des art.je suis paintuer et musicen.si;l vous plait giude moi.

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