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Colt Silvers & Modern Folks at l'International

Promo pic CS Text: Brendan Seibel

Skinny tie pop-rock was but one highly visible 80's revivalist movement to grace stages in the past decade. As fads fade faster than cotton candy in your mouth the landscape has shifted towards another throwback, replacing guitars with keyboards and collared shirts with day-glo.

Alsatian quartet Colt Silvers rotted their baby teeth on the confectionary delights of Duran Duran and Modern English. Riding the release of their Deaf Rock Records debut Night of the Living Robots, this Strasbourg group are making a pitstop at l'International. Fusing the alienating cool of electronic melodies with house beats and a high energy presence they've been perfecting their brand of accessible sugary music for the past several years.

Colt Silvers provide the soundtrack for unabashed, angular dancing. Thrashing around the stage like cupcake-crazy kids the band is constantly poised to throw themselves into the crowd. Anchored only by microphones and patch cords the overwhelming energy explodes like streamers and balloons across the room, punctuated by frenzied yelps and fist-pumping breakdowns.

The ability to sit back and relax during this party suggests a visit to the doctor's is in order. Spoil-sports and self-conscious fashionistas may prefer to show up early for opening act Modern Folks, who lay down some crisp and sophisticated rock suitable for an evening martini. Those looking for a food fight at the kids' table can stick around for the main event.

Colt Silvers & Modern Folks
Saturday 6 March
20:00 Free
5/7 rue Moret
Mº Ménilmontant/Parmentier

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