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Phuong Frères - Framing

Phuong_freres The most enthusiastic supporters of art in Ivry-sur-Seine are Phuong Frères. These guys are so who you need to see to build your frames, stretch your canvas or encadré your aristic bits and bobs. They have a wall of clocks they ask each artist they like to design and they are immensely proud of the collection.

Monday through Saturday 9-7pm

Phuong Frères
90-92 rue Victor Hugo.
Tel: 01 46 70 58 06

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NO !!!! don't go there !
they really do a very bad job !! they don't care about the works!! it looks ok at a first glance, but if you look at it in the details, they really don't work well and they are not so cheap. fo the same prices, you can have a really better quality.
+ they don't respect the conservation criterias (even if thay say they do). if you want your artwork to get dammaged because of the bad quality framing don't go there. they are not professional, they just make money.

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