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David Law at the Hotel Meridien Montparnasse, Restaurant Justine

« Mannequins... »

- La-maitresse--1 For many years David Law has kept a watchful eye on store window mannequins. He studies these solitary beauties as a reflection of contemporary life. Through his photos David Law seeks to unravel the mystery of these prototypical women's souls, as they provide him with a mirror of our existence. They cast out an image of our perseverance to engage in an ideology of perfection.

For Law, mannequins symbolize illusion, the dream of luxury and the unattainability of a flawless world. As he captures his images, he engages the natural echo of light rebounding from the store windows, providing a projection of city images, and our reality, superimposed upon the ideal.

About David Law:

Fascinated by store window mannequins, David Law has been photographing them since 1994. After studying at the Conservatoire du Cinema Français ( French Film Conservatory) he took his photos to the streets and acquired many contacts within the art world. He has been actively showing his work since 2024, with approximately one exhibition a month. David Law's photos have been shown in France at the Espace Cardin, Court-Circuit (art fair), and Artemption, and also at the Sweet Art Gallery in Florida.

Also passionate about music, David Law is a talented rock musician. Starting in 1994 he recorded various albums, solo or with other bands. He is currently lead singer and guitarist for « The Artkitekts »  and David Law Space

Susan Adda ArtWorks presents the photography of David Law at the Hotel Meridien Montparnasse, restaurant Justine

From March 16 to June 15, 2024

Cocktail and artist's reception March 19, 2024, from 6 to 9 p.m. Restaurant Le Justine, Hôtel Méridien Montparnasse, Niveau A- 19 Rue du Commandant Mouchotte, Paris 75014

Exhibition organized by Susan Adda ArtWorks
Contact information: Susan Adda + 33 (0)6 79 34 88 39 – susan @susanadda.com

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C'est interéssant, un idée unique... I was at the Méridien last year and in Paris last week and wish I'd been aware of this work before now.

Unfortunate that we have here a link to his music but not to his photography!

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