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Sneakers on rue de la Ferronerie

A couple of great shoe stores amidst the overdosage of Replay jeans and leather at les Halles. These addresses carry all those hard to find limited edition sneakers and more.

01-16_small The Tube

Specializes in Men's footwear and provides a truly Parisian take on sneakers. Labels include Schmoove, Fred Perry, S***R, and Puma Black Label.

2 rue de la Ferronerie
75001 Paris

Sneakers Gallery
Has the widest range of sneakers from Nike to Vans to LeCoq Sportif. Also check out their collection of revisited vintage models.

4 rue de la Ferronerie
75001 Paris

Aim Skill
Walk in this store and you can easily imagine yourself in LA with the cruiser bikes on display, oversized t-shirts and graffiti hangings on the wall. They have the latest Nike Dunks in all different color combinations, and the occasional pair of Pat Ewings.

29 rue de la Ferronerie
75001 Paris

Photo features Sneakers Gallery © Guillotine

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