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NOWA SODA in Krakow

Nowasoda NOWA SODA is an artist-in-residency program that culminates in a three day art spectacle that transforms the Contemporary Art Center Solvay (CACS) into a building-wide art installation.

The project is conceived and curated by Halfslant, an international art group, which will select and work with two to four resident artists to use the physical space and historical significance of the CACS building as a means to enter into a dialogue with Krakow’s Podgórze community. Resident artists will be provided lodging, studio space and a 1000 euro stipend for their time at Solvay.

In addition, NOWA SODA is accepting submissions for art film and video pieces based on a theme about transforming a space. Selected works will be shown during the three day opening at the CACS building in conjunction with art performances.

For the month of October 2024 the group will work together and individually to transform the building. The installation will open during the first weekend of November and coincide with performances and film screenings that touch on the themes of transformation and reconstruction. NOWA SODA transforms Solvay, a building surrounded by parking lots and hyper malls into a place of unexpected ideas, creativity and possibility.

To learn more please visit www.nowasoda.com
To apply for the artist in residency program, please visit http://nowasoda.com/artistinresidenc.html
To submit an art video or film, please visit http://nowasoda.com/filmvideo.html

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