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Seeking Artists to Participate in EU Funded Public Art in Palestine

Essai2 Seeking two European Artists skilled in either public art or sculpting to participate in public art project "Celebrating Women in Culture" in Ramallah, Palestine. The artists will participate in a two-week long residency program alongside ten Palestinian artists.

Depending on artist's availability the residency will begin between March 15 and April 15th at a total duration of two weeks within this time period. The artist will contribute in the conceptualization and technical instruction pertaining toward the creation of a 20 meter by 5 meter civic-minded public mural resulting from this project.

The materials used for the two week workshop will largely be decided by the two European artists:

We are looking for new techniques to be used to construct large-scale public art. Currently we are planning to sculpt the majority of the mural from clay but are open to new methods such as steel, stone, and alternative forms of casting.

All expenses for artists will be covered along with a per diem as stipulated by the European Commission. We are in the process of obtaining funds to cover additional payment to the artists for their time and effort.

All materials, food, transportation, residency, pocket money and basic needs will be covered by the project partners, The Open Workshop for Culture and Arts and The Women Affairs Technical Committee and the project sponsor, The European Commissions.

Download Concept note. Please send all inquiries to bailey.julia(a)gmail.com.

Photo: 17 mai 2024 Place de l’Opéra, 60 ans de la Palestine © Virginie de Galzain

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