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Lush Beauty Products in Paris

Lauren Ballinger writing for I V Y paris

Lush-2 To relax frost-bitten limbs and de-stress from the overwhelm of dreary winter days how about treating yourself to a Lush Bath Bomb. You'll be able to smell your way right up to their door. This UK import has opened their second shop rue Faubourg Saint Antoine in the 12th as of this month.

is world renowned for their all-natural bath and beauty products but their biggest innovation is by far the notorious bath bomb, a large yummy smelling capsule full of essential oil and all that good stuff to make for a glorious bath. They fizz and dissolve upon contact and come in a vast variety of colors and scents suited for every mood. 

From the soothing lavender scented Waving Not Drowning, to the heart shaped Tisty Tosty, the algae infused Great Blue, or Sex Bomb - which happens to turn your water a shocking shade of pink, you may never be satisfied with a normal bath again.

A word of advice, the glitterific variety may leave your body bedazzled for weeks after. So unless you want people thinking you've turned into a huge raver superstar, I'd be cautious about my choice.


50 rue Faubourg Saint Antoine
75012 Paris

30 rue Buci
75006 Paris

Bonapart Paris apartments


very enticing products.

we have Lush here in Aus..


I am an expat and I was hoping you could tell me where I could get a good facail in Paris.


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