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Louis Vuitton vs. John Galliano at Paris Fashion Week

A look at last weeks' men's fall 2024 / 2024 collections...

The John Galliano show, part 2 here.

Skirted and slutted: In simple short skirts and skirts over pants and ostentatious kilts, men are androgynous again for a season of exploration. Express yourself, don't repress yourself as skirts and racy underwear with suspenders ruled the world of always naughty John Galliano.

The Louis Vuitton Show, part 2 here.

African monarchy inspires Paul Helbers (as menswear designer) with delicate feathers, reptilian and flora patterns in tunics and cardigan sweaters. This also allowed the showcase of the Kanye West sneakers amalgamation starting in June this year.

And the winner is...

Tough decision. We're opting for John Galliano but that's only because we're fans of the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack.

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