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Diane Arbus: A Printed Retrospective (1960-1971)

December 8th 2024 to February 8th, 2024

Dianearbus This retrospective of the works by Diane Arbus (1923–1971), featured by Pierre Leguillon, is the first organized in France since an exhibition at Centre Pompidou in 1980. It brings together a collection of the New York photographer’s images commissioned by the Anglo-American press in the 1960s.

The exhibition presents the original pages, from the magazines in which the images were published, including Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, Nova and The Sunday Times Magazine.

A selection from a collection of more than 150 photographs shows the great variety of subjects Arbus dealt with: photo journalism, anonymous and celebrity portraits (Norman Mailer, Jorge Luis Borges, Lilian and Dorothy Gish, Marcello Mastroianni, Mrs. Martin Luther King...), children’s fashion and several “photographic essays”— the images are captioned or commented on by the photographer herself. The choice of presenting the original magazines in the exhibition emphasizes the formal layout choices, and displays the photographs within the original social or political context of that time.

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Lush Beauty Products in Paris

Lauren Ballinger writing for I V Y paris

Lush-2 To relax frost-bitten limbs and de-stress from the overwhelm of dreary winter days how about treating yourself to a Lush Bath Bomb. You'll be able to smell your way right up to their door. This UK import has opened their second shop rue Faubourg Saint Antoine in the 12th as of this month.

is world renowned for their all-natural bath and beauty products but their biggest innovation is by far the notorious bath bomb, a large yummy smelling capsule full of essential oil and all that good stuff to make for a glorious bath. They fizz and dissolve upon contact and come in a vast variety of colors and scents suited for every mood. 

From the soothing lavender scented Waving Not Drowning, to the heart shaped Tisty Tosty, the algae infused Great Blue, or Sex Bomb - which happens to turn your water a shocking shade of pink, you may never be satisfied with a normal bath again.

A word of advice, the glitterific variety may leave your body bedazzled for weeks after. So unless you want people thinking you've turned into a huge raver superstar, I'd be cautious about my choice.

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Marché des Enfants Rouges

What do our fellow Parisians think about our city's oldest market* ?

Enfantsrouges The hedge fund controller says:
"First we can find you. Second you're multicultural."

The graphic designer says:
"The italian shop / restaurant :) and the photography shop !"

The international banker says:
"I've only stopped by this Marché once and couldn't decide what my favourite thing was. It's a lovely place!"

The art curator says:
"The atmosphere changes the moment you step through the wrought iron gate from rue de Bretagne, it is unique. The width of the shopkeepers grin and their friendly chat invariably compensates for their tendency to move at their own, leisurely pace - here there is all the time in the world. A haven in the heart of Paris which provides the local community with delicious freshly prepared international food."

The PR executive says:
"People are so nice there. It's a real French market where u can find good products and good advice for cooking. The Japanese restaurant is excellent!"

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20 Bottled Water

Volvic 1.Evian
8.San Pellegrino
Novembal 15.Nestlé Aquarel
19.Danone Activ’

Ottmar Hörl's Finger

Photo and article by Lauren Ballinger

Image011Random wanderings through the St. Germain district never fail to leave me beaming with delight at the offerings the store fronts have to offer.

Especially down the rue de l'université where one can pass from the finest of antiques to the most modern creations.

This gnome is a fine example of the way Parisians blend the traditional with a modern edge. Highly offensive or terribly cute, you decide.


Rose Bakery in the Marais

Daniel Scheffler writing for I V Y paris
With sanctuaries like these, the trick is to keep breathing. The light knight has saved me to a place beyond.

The best coffee in paris, the darkest chocolate and the tarts parading the shelves with vestibular influence. A meeting rectangle for old friends and being sat down at an already bubbling table with one seat to spare and making all together new friends carry the ethos of this bakery.

It's modern paris, it's revived and left the victorian classic drizzle behind, with fresh food and invested staff. Order a latte, scribble on your brown paper place mat and listen to even the French clients speaking english.

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20 Produits Pharmaceutiques

Pharmacie 1. Nurophen (ibuprofen)
2. Nuxe (natural but slick skincare)
3. Biafine (wonder multi-use cream)
4. Bion (powerful vitamins)
5. Doliprane (fever medicine)
6. Caudalie (grape-based skincare)
7. Phyto (plant-based hair products)
8. La Roche-Posay (sensitive skin products)
9. Vichy (thermal spring water products)
10. Compeed (bandages)
11. Avène (sensitive skin products)
12. Manix (condoms)
13. Klorane (plant based hair and skin products)
14. Nicopatch (nicotine patches)

La roche posay 2 klein

15. Mustela (baby skin care)
16. Biotherm (skin care)
17. Darphin (aromatherapy based skin care)
18. Ducray (skin care)
19. T.leClerc (cosmetics)
20. Oenobiol (supplements)

Joël Robuchon to Launch His New Book - Seats Available

Robuchon Joël Robuchon will launch his new cookery book in English entitled ‘The Complete Robuchon’ at WH Smith on Thursday, 11th December at 7:30 p.m. The book signing will be preceded by a question and answer session with one of France’s most famous chefs and a signed copy of his cookery book has quite a cachet.

The French version “Le Tout Robuchon” will also be available. If you would like to attend, please note that
only guests who have reserved their copies by the 1st of December will be guaranteed a place and copies of the book.

Please RSVP by responding to Hannah Robin hannahrobin (at) whsmith.fr.

BD review: Paul à la pêche by Michel Rabagliati

Adrian K. Sanders writing for I V Y paris


Across the sea, in the smaller, more nasal and religious version of Paris called Montreal is a bustling BD scene. The famous English language publisher Drawn and Quarterly, home to BD greats Seth, Adrian Tomine and Julie Doucet is here but it should never be forgotten that the French language BD is thriving as well.

One publisher in particular brings us the world of Paul, the creation of long time graphic designer Michel Rabagliati. Les Editions de La Pastèque have published nearly all of Rabagliati's "Paul" stories in beautiful volumes (that are color coded!). Paul, the reflective and ponderous auto-biographical hero is a likeable everyman and Rabagliati handles him with deft humor and a resounding sense of humbleness.

Paul à la pêche sees Paul and his wife Lucie go on vacation with their two friends who are raising their own children to a lakeside fishing camp. Seeing his friends and their children has Paul mixed up in all sorts of existential crises. Lucie and Paul are trying to have their first baby, and Paul looks back on his own upbringing, the importance of his family, and the future that might be in store for him as on display by his friend's children.

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Soirée d’ouverture du TEMA HIP-HOP

EnigmatikTEMA Hip Hop kicks off Friday, November 21st at the Centre Musical Fleury Goutte d'Or - Barbara.

The lineup is looking pretty good. The range and types of talent being put on display (Female Rappers!) is definitely refreshing and the fact that it's free just makes it that much better.



Show starts at 8 pm.
Free entry upon invitation with limited space available.

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