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Rose Bakery in the Marais

Daniel Scheffler writing for I V Y paris

With sanctuaries like these, the trick is to keep breathing. The light knight has saved me to a place beyond.

The best coffee in paris, the darkest chocolate and the tarts parading the shelves with vestibular influence. A meeting rectangle for old friends and being sat down at an already bubbling table with one seat to spare and making all together new friends carry the ethos of this bakery.

It's modern paris, it's revived and left the victorian classic drizzle behind, with fresh food and invested staff. Order a latte, scribble on your brown paper place mat and listen to even the French clients speaking english.

Rose Bakery

30, rue Debelleyme
75003 Paris
(Check out the no sign - just windows - to lure.)

46 rue Martyrs
75009 Paris

Bonapart Paris apartments


Today I had a soy latte and a piece of tarte de fruits
Join me tomorrow?

ill always be there if you need company! although i think ill be chosing the lemon cake.....

I only choose bakeries with vestibular influence, so I'll add this one to the list.

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