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my first wedding in paris

I really enjoyed the ceremony at the Mairie du 19eme. Well the 5 minutes I saw of it as we made rather an entrance just as rings were being exchanged and almost, but not quite, ruined the moment. The female mayor presented the couple with their Livret de Famille, doesn't seem that romantic to get a sort of social security document along with the rings. The Livret de Famille is essential when dealing with french bureaucracy, all official family events such as birth of kids, divorce or death will be recorded. The salle where the marriage was held was impressive with huge belle epoque marriage scenes of straight out of a Colette novel. Next stop Parc Buttes Chaumont with the rest of the trendy Chilean guests. You were either in film, TV or a rock band or should I say electro rock band. People wore all sorts of clothes from jeans, shorts to trilby hats and really dressy flimsy numbers for the girls. Some people brought cool boxes and then whipped out the champagne and little empanadas to nibble on. These are latin cornish pastis as far as I can work out.

Everyone was sent a badge with their invitation and depending which cuddy toy was shown that gave you the beverage orders you were requested to bring for the evening event (luckily we got off with the champagne and brought beer, they must know we are poor) held at a huge Scandanavian styled atelier in the 13eme where the groom lived.

It went on way too late for me and I had to retire at only 2am.

The bride said she loved out present, a Bonsai tree to symbolise longevity. The best place to get them is Bonsai Lola in 59 rue Saint-André des Arts, 75006 Metro Odeon. They start at only 7 euros.

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