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I V Y Paris Presents Artist Ariane Dionyssopoulos' Poupée Parisiens

March 18th, TOMORROW NIGHT! 

Hiver 2024 343 I V Y paris invites you to discover Parisian artist, Ariane Dionyssopoulos.

Having worked in theatre as an actrice, Ariane was inspired to take part in her own mise en scène, recreating people and scenarios from everyday life.

Each poupée is handmade of FIMO clay in a technique that Ariane has developed entirely on her own. Not your average porcelain figurines, the dolls have true personality and wear distinct facial features that vaguely remind you of someone you know or seen before. What makes them even more striking is their sharp sense of style, mixing bold colors with various prints.

Photo: A couple of young ladies stand by a café wearing animal print waistcoasts paired with grey slacks, vintage brooch and ankle boots.

Owen (4)You can view Ariane's work on rue Sorbier in the 20th arrondissement where she regularly mounts different situations involving her dolls over a photographed backdrop. Both humorous and cleverly observed, these characters embody the bobo spirit you find in our fellow Parisians. 

Meet the artist and see more of her creations March 18th in the Marais at this I V Y hosted event. You must RSVP to receive location details and doorcode.



Bonapart Paris apartments


I have to say I agree. The figures look familiar and really represent the faces i see when in Paris.

They are very clever

wish you could come simon
how is oz? when are you back?

Hi Susie,

Well, I was all set for April, but then I got another tax bill. :o/

So, it may be in September :o)

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