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Matthew Rose: Je n'aime que toi

GUM Matthew Rose, investigates the vagaries of emotional attachment, detachment and rapprochement in a range of collage works, prints and unusual objects at COSI.  The artist, originally from Long Island, lives and works in Paris but has exhibited his work all over Europe and the US.

The JNQT exhibition brings together his BOCA works, collage pieces on wood, with his Women series as well as other works that detail relationships in all their flavors. His most recent exhibitions were The End of the World, at the Wm Turner Gallery in Atlanta and A Kick In The Kunst at Galerie Rossella Junck in Berlin.

His prints can be seen (and purchased) at Keep Calm Gallery (London), and you can meander through his drawers here

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20 Cavistes

Domainequimonte 1. Caves Bossetti, rue des Archives 4e
2. Bacchus et Ariane, Marche St Germain  6e
3. Crus et Decouvertes, 7 rue Paul Bert 11e
4. Le Baron Rouge, rue Theophile Gauthier 12e
5. Les Domaines Qui Montent, 9e,11e, 17e
6. Mundovinos, 40 rue de Turenne 3e
7. Chais Rick, rue de vertbois 3e
8. Cave des Cascades, 101 bis rue de Ménilmontant 20e
9. Julien Caviste, 50 rue Charlot 3e
10. Chai 33, Bercy village
11. Caves Estève, 4e 16e
12. Caves Legrand, 1 rue de la Banque 2e
13. Cave des Papilles, 35 rue Daguerre 14e
14. Idea Vino, 88 Avenue Parmentier 11e
15. La Belle Hortense, rue Vieille du Temple Paris 4e
16. Le Verre Volé 67 rue de Lancry 10e
17. Les Caves Petrissans 30 Bis Avenue Niel 17e
18. Le Barav, 6 rue Dupuis 3e
19. L'Enoteca, rue st Paul Paris 4e
20. Paris Terroirs (Bio) 68 rue JP Timbaud 11e

Photo: © 2024 - 2024 FoodAvenue

Early Spring Exhibition Calendar

Scenografi09s Scenografi01s NOW THRU MARCH 7, 2024
Lawrence Weiner, "1/2 Empty 1/2 Full"
Galerie Yvon Lambert

Valere Terrier, Pierre Nouvel, "Pixel Display"

Li Edelkoort, "Archéologie du futur: 20 ans de tendances"
Institut Néerlandais

Annika Larsson "Scenografi" (featured left)
Cosmic Galerie

Giulio Paolini, "Interno Metafisico"
Galerie Yvon Lambert


Vlad & Alina Turco, Julien Kedryna and Caroline Bayer
Kiosque / Images

Shirin Aliabadi, Maryam Amini, "Raad o Bargh"
Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac

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Festival Filmer La Musique

APPEL-A-PROJ_WEB-500_15MARSDATES-1 The third edition of Filmer la Musique - Paris' music film festival - will take place from June 1st through June 7, 2024 at Point Éphémère and another surprise location.

Documentaries, fictions, raw rushes, phone films, indie videos, live... send your films and join the party!

The Filmer la Musique festival is not competitive. There are no restrictions regarding the shooting format, length, or year of production.

Themes proposed (but not restricted to):

Go East !!! Bucarest, Berlin, Bombay.
Paris Underground.
One Shot, One Song.

New online application form here. Entry deadline is March 15, 2024.

Le Piano Vache

Will Hutchins writing for I V Y paris

PianoVache Paris is certainly not lacking when it comes to chic cafés or à la mode wine bars but if you’re hankering after a rather more alternative establishment in which to hang out with friends over a beer or une verre de vin, then take yourself down to Le Piano Vache.

Tucked away on the attractive cobbled side-street rue Laplace in the shadow of Le Panthéon, this marvelously monickered bar is a hideout for all those with a penchant for punk, new wave and metal.

Though don’t expect to find it chock-a-block with long hair drinkers clad in t-shirts emblazoned with the names of Norwegian death metal bands, or even bald old punks in Crass t-shirts.

Instead you will be welcomed by a busy mish-mash of laissez-faire people and a lively atmosphere. It is also very much a student hangout as it is reasonably priced, yet not the very cheapest of drinking venues in Paris, with pints costing €5 before nine and €5.50 after, while alcools et cocktails cost an extra euro.

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20 Nightlife

Social club 1. La Bellevilloise
2. Flèche d'Or
3. Social Club
4. La Maroquinerie
5. VIP Room Theater
6. Chez Moune
7. Le Gibus
8. Rex Club
9. Djoon
10. Cithea Nova
11. Les Disquaires
12. Favela Chic
13. Le Batofar
14. Les Bains Douches
15. La Java
16. Le Cab
17. La Scene Bastille
18. Le Glaz'art
19. ChaCha Club
20. Le Showcase

Photo features Social Club by French Electro Connection

Big Brother Vous Regarde!

Hella Szerencsés writing for I V Y paris

First published in 1949, Orwell’s '1984” has now come to the Parisian stage at the Théâtre de Menilmontant bringing to life a portrayal of the pervasive government surveillance we all now know and love. 1984 has already been reproduced in several forms: movie and plays but it remains a challenge to communicate Orwell's deductive vision. Francois Bourcier's stage adaption is only available 'till February 26th. So hurry and make your reservation quickly!

Au Théâtre de Ménilmontant
Tuesdays through Saturdays through 21h
Sundays at 16h
Call for reservations: 01 46 36 98 60

Stéphane Bezombes at the Grand Salon

Dsc00570Talk with young French specialists in new media for the arts and museums, with Stephane Bezombes, founder of reciproque, who works on the development and management of high level cultural digital projects, designed for large audiences (bornes, internet sites, CD-ROM, video games, films, installations).

From 2024 to 2024 Bezombes was responsible for multimedia museographic projects at France’s Musee du quai Branly, and today he aids and advisees major museums on their digital strategy and multimedia architecture, among them the Musee du quai Branly, the Louvre, the Cite de la Musique, and the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

February 17th, 2024 at 7 pm.

The Grand Salon
31 avenue Bosquet
75007 Paris

Photo: reciproque.net

Metronomy Hit Le Trabendo

Will Hutchins writing for I V Y paris

Metronomy Do you like quirky British pop music? Do you go to sleep humming catchy analogue synth melodies? Does the sight of three young and pasty Englishmen in black t-shirts with lights stuck to their chest send you giddy with excitement?!

Then, my friend, you need to head over to the 19th on April 2nd to witness the electro/indie-pop spectacle of Metronomy exhibiting their live skills at Le Trabendo.

The band made up of songwriter Joseph Mount, Oscar Cash, and Gabriel Stebbing caused a fair few waves in the blogosphere last year with the release of their second album Nights Out and a slurry of fantastic remixes.

Concentrating on building great skewed pop songs with more vocals than on their first album, Pip Paine – Pay the £5000 You Owe, their 2024 release was a rather wondrous amalgamation of electronic bips and beeps, 80’s indie and electronica and bass-lines that would cause your grandmother to bounce from floor to ceiling.

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Christiana Konstantinou writing for I V Y paris

Pramil-300-2 Rue du Vertbois is one of those little-known parisian streets that hide their gastronomic secrets so well. Meat lovers have certainly visited at least once L' Ami Louis, cherished hideout of many American Presidents and home of the largest and possibly best "cote de boeuf" in town -consequently sized and priced.

Amateurs of the Southern Hemisphere's equivalent have pushed more than once Anahi's door -yes, the building is still standing, the rib eye equally good and the time it takes to travel from the kitchen to your table still reminds you that it came all the way from Argentina after all.

Fewer are those, though, who have noticed a discreet and elegant facade on the opposite side, half a block down the road.

Whitewashed beams, soft lights and blooming orchids introduce you to the universe of Alain Pramil, master of the establishment that simply carries his last name. A handful of tables up front, a second one -almost unnoticed- in the back, nothing really prepares you for the gastronomic experience that's about to follow.

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