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20 Specialty Museums

Musee 1. Musée Carnavalet
2. Musée du Parfum

3. Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature
4. Musée Jacquemart André
5. Musée des Arts et Metiers
6. Musée Eugène Delacroix
7. Musée des Egouts
8. Musée Bouilhet-Christofle
9. Musée de l'Opera
10. Musée Baccarat
11. Musée de l'Eventail
12. Musée de la Poupée
13. Manufacture des Gobelins, de Beauvais et de la Savonnerie
14. Fondation Le Corbusier
15. Espace Dali
16. Musée Grevin
17. Musée de l'erotisme
18. Musée de Montmartre
19. Musée le Placard d'Erik Satie
20. Maison de l'air Belleville

Photo: Les Amis de Carnavalet

Louis Vuitton vs. John Galliano at Paris Fashion Week

A look at last weeks' men's fall 2024 / 2024 collections...

The John Galliano show, part 2 here.

Skirted and slutted: In simple short skirts and skirts over pants and ostentatious kilts, men are androgynous again for a season of exploration. Express yourself, don't repress yourself as skirts and racy underwear with suspenders ruled the world of always naughty John Galliano.

The Louis Vuitton Show, part 2 here.

African monarchy inspires Paul Helbers (as menswear designer) with delicate feathers, reptilian and flora patterns in tunics and cardigan sweaters. This also allowed the showcase of the Kanye West sneakers amalgamation starting in June this year.

And the winner is...

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Artist-in-residence Program 2024 in Beijing

Beijing Da Art Space has more than 20 studios (high-quality and low-price) for visual artists’ residencies at the art district of Beijing.

R_13 The BDAS' aim is to provide international visual artists (including art organizations/groups, filmmakers, dancers, writers...) with affordable rental rates.

This program offers a diverse and underserved array of artists the opportunity: (1) to produce a new body of work, (2) to provide a concentrated time to focus on a research project.

Submit your proposals at least one or two months prior to the desired residency start date. If you have questions or issues you would like to discuss prior to preparing an application, please contact bdaspace(a)yahoo.com

To apply, please read the guidelines carefully and download the application form.

La Briciola

Daniel Scheffler writing for I V Y paris

Briciolaall20080508-briciola-bianca_bresaolaIn the epicenter of Parisian trendiness comes a truly unashamed Italian bistro offering freshness and understated simplicity.

Dark rocket leaves, many tomatoes and shavings of parmesan cover an eclectic plate of Southern Italy. Order pizzas with ricotta and ask for chillies whilst the owners pour heavy shots of limoncello. 

The interior is minimal and allows for the focus of the restaurant to be on the handsome food. Book for big tables and enjoy exceptional wines served by the carafe.

La Briciola
64 Rue Charlot
75003 Paris

Photos: Omy.fr and Chrisoscope.com

Treasures from Dunhuang: A Thousand Years of Buddhist Art from China

Xin_1121105191936906162353 The world famous grottoes of Dunhuang in China have maintained perhaps the greatest or most well preserved collections of 5th to 15th century Chinese Buddhist art.

For the first time in France, these works are on display at two locations, in the 16ème at le Musée Guimet and at le Centre culturel de Chine in the 7ème. 

Both expositions run now through February 28th, 2024.

Photo: ©2003 Xinhua News Agency

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Of Montreal at Bataclan Jan. 31

Jayson Harsin (DJay Indie Eclectique) writing for I V Y paris

Montreal Of Montreal, the project of another Athens, Georgia musical genius Kevin Barnes, has been one of the most creative and influential indie pop-rock acts of the last 10 years. From their indie-pop pearl-of-a-debut, Cherry Peel, in 1997, to their recent Skeletal Lamping, they have repeatedly appeared on critics' Best Albums of the Year lists. Their off-kilter pop (sometimes laced with disco and soul influences) will always be too arty for some, sheer genius for others.

Their recent effort Skeletal Lamping (Polyvinyl) is more nuts than ever--fewer straight up pop strucutres than their highly lauded 2024 album, Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? Songs shift course from an overarching pop structure of predictable verses and refrains, even while they're composed of heavily structured individual pop sequences.

More on: Of Montreal at Bataclan Jan. 31

The Official Angoulême International Comics Festival Selection

Adrian Sanders writing for I V Y paris

Angouleme Down south and west of Paris in Angoulême, the comics festival is almost ready to kick off. This year's official selection is solid, though maybe not earth shattering - with standard fare from American regulars (James Kochalka and Adrian Tomine) as well as the French (Emmanuel Gibert, Christophe Blain) and the ever present British contribution of Posy Simmonds.

The three that stick out:

Newcomer Dash Shaw's Bottomless Belly Button is a work of real merit, combining the best of family drama with distorted narrative tricks, and some serious physical heft (720 pages). No wonder it took two whole years to complete.

Gally's Mon gras et moi is funny, honest, sad, humiliating, and the closest thing you'll get to a publicly accepted feminist work in France. It's not Fun Home, but neither is anything else.

Blutch's Le petit Christian, tome 2 is the last straw. The guy is horrendously underrated, not only as a fantastic cartoonist that seemingly changes styles perfectly at whim, but also with this quasi-autobiographical work, a competent storyteller.

The whole list is viewable after the break.

More on: The Official Angoulême International Comics Festival Selection

Paris Calling Pete?!

Will Hutchins writing for I V Y paris

According to the Sun newspaper last week, British indie legend Pete Doherty is planning on moving to Paris and has apparently been residing amongst us here in the capital for the last few months. Something my mate Harry can confirm as he posed for a photo with the Libertines and Babyshambles frontman whilst strolling around the 4ème a couple of months ago. Though it seems that meetings like these are a rare occurrence for the singer as a friend told the UK tabloid that:

"Pete is not bothered by people in Paris and finds it creative and romantic. He wants to move there but will keep his place in Wiltshire as his bread and butter and will still be gigging in the UK."

Pete Keen followers of Pete would have already spotted glimpses of his love affair with this beautiful city earlier in his career. His video for his single with Wolfman, ‘For Lovers’, was a low budget film of the controversial star ambling through its little cobbled streets, sitting au bord de la Seine, and running up and down steps in Montmartre.

And if one is prone to spending many hours on Youtube hunting for little nuggets of Doherty gold, as I have certainly been known to in the past, then they may have come across the short video of Pete playing acoustic guitar at a table in a Parisian café.

Whilst the françilien cameraman tries to vaguely converse with him in French, crack cocaine’s most famous fan sits there improvising and playing a version of Guns of Brixton by the Clash. It is actually a rather sweet clip of the songwriter before drug problems and suffocating press attention took over his life.

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Kitchen 93

684067364_7fdca26ba9 This publishing house prints high quality books essential to the urban art scene. They also hold an exhibition space dedicated to photography, graffiti, and graphic arts. The Kitchen 93 gallery has featured artists such as Scien and Klor from 123 Klan, Gilbert and Luis, and le 9e Concept.

Check out the Kitchen 93 site for upcoming exhibitions and publications. We recommend their book "Une Nuit" that binds dozens of photographed graffs initially posted on billboards and street signs.

More on: Kitchen 93

Call for Entry Jeune Création Paris 2024

News_8916_0 The Jeune Création Contemporary Art exhibition is annually held in the fall, showing work that reflects the multiplicity of mediums and forms carried on by today's young artists.

For the occasion, a catalogue of the featured artists' work is published, and a jury composed of personalities in the art world selects the winner of the Prix de la Jeune Création.

Submissions for the 2024 show are now taking place. To apply, subscribe online here, send payment of 10 euros by cheque or paypal, then mail your application to:

Jeune Création, 6 Villa Guelma, 75018, Paris, France.

Deadline for all applications is February 28, 2024. More information on the official website.

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