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20 Things to Do Before the Rentrée

1. Park a car, any car, anywhere, because you can.
2. Walk through the Tuileries.

3. No-stress at BHV.
4. Make the most of the national assumption that everyone is on vacation for your work.
5. Nap.
6. Ride the bus.
7. Pretend you’re French when talking to tourists.
8. Get first dibs on theatre / concert tickets.
9. No line on a Sunday at Sacha Finkelstein’s.
10. Reserve your bar stool at La Belle Hortense.
11. Figure out how to work the Vélib,
12. then get to know your bike route.
13. Get a taste for good music at Flèche d’Or.
14. Sleep in.
15. Celebrate the return of your local boulanger.    
16. Watch cheesy reality shows on TF1.
17. Catch up on international news before France finishes its August hibernation.
18. Sit on the grass ( for once! ).
19. Reminisce on the first time you came to Paris...
20. Kick back and enjoy the calm before the storm.

Secrets of Venice and the Veneto

October 19 through October 26, 2024

800pxpiazza_san_marco "The Secrets of Venice and the Veneto" is an exclusive program following the development of Venetian art from its from its beginnings at Torcello and San Marco, where Byzantium still lives, to the emergence of the Renaissance, and then to the peak of Venetian art and architecture in the 16th and the 18th centuries.

Pamela Huntington Darling, specialist in the organization of highly exclusive, inimitable cultural tours, enjoying exceptional access to extraordinary private institutions and residences rarely open to the public, invites you to participate in this privileged 7-day, 7-night cultural program.

For more information please email Pamela Huntington.

Photo of Piazza San Marco by Alexandre Buisse

How It's Done: Stenciling on the Streets of Paris

If you've ever wondered how stencil graffiti is made, here's the answer. Street artist MO-PI has created a howto video about creating works on the mean streets of Paris.

Bagel Tom - Bagel Sandwiches Made by a Guy Named Tom

Bageltom1Bagel Tom, owned and operated by Thomas Miniscloux (aka Bagel Tom), is one of the best places in town to get donuts, pop-tarts, peanut butter, and yes, bagels.

Just off rue Volta, Bagel Tom offers an array of bagel sandwiches (named after NFL football teams), as well as dessert bagels, muffins, cheesecake and free wireless internet in the shop.

But you don't even have to go in because you can order from the window!

On Fridays, Bagel Tom serves up a special foie gras bagel - not to be missed.

Bagel Tom
12 rue Volta
75003 Paris
Metro: Arts et Metiers

Le China

Rdcchinaclub_3In the Bastille there are many great bars but a dearth of slightly more, shall we say, glossy drinkeries. Le China's colonial décor reminicent of 1930's Shanghai and a beautifully lit interior make this perfect for intimate and mildly fancy rendezvous. 

Re-vamped by Jean-François Roux, (owner of Chez Janou by Place des Vosges) "Le China" (aka The China Club) has great cocktails and a Franco-Asian fusion resto upstairs.

Le China
50 rue de Charenton

Tel: 01 43 46 08 09

Fast Forward >> Keziah Jones at Paris Plage

Photography by Danielle Voirin


Anahi, South Argentinian Cuisine

AnahiYou could be forgiven for thinking this was a condemmed building, far from the centre of town.  It's actually the facade of Argentinian restaurant Anahi.

Located in the Haut, Haut Marais, on rue Volta - closer to Porte St Denis and République than now chi-chi Square du Temple - Volta was actually a street that was classed as "insalubre" until recently. 

Now the old squat across the road is being tarted up but the entrance to this still popular-with-the-odd-Fashonista restaurants remains, distinctly, Verdegris. Inside it's old white and green edged tiles are reminisent of a public bathroom but apparently it was a Charcuterie in days gone by.

Photo by Armando Rampas

More on: Anahi, South Argentinian Cuisine

3 Days, 3 Euro Cinema in Paris

Cinema_2 Starting this Sunday the 17th, for three consecutive days, every cinema in Paris will be offering seats for 3 euros a piece.

The Fédération Nationale des Cinémas Français (FNCF) and the Mairie de Paris have, for the past six years, held the "trois jours, trois euros" event every August with resounding success because quite frankly there isn't much else to do this time of year.

A list of available movie theaters (organized by arrondissement) can be found here.

Movie listings can be found on Allocine.

Photo:  © F. de la Mure

Une Nuit Blanche avec Oum Kalsoum

The "Voice of the Arabs" Oum Kalsoum is honoured by an expo at the Institut du Monde Arabe.

Om Kalthoum funeral (2 2)
Learn about the woman whose funeral procession turned into a public riot when the 4 million + crowd bum rushed her favourite Mosque in Cairo. As part of the event, you can watch films about her incredible life all night long on Saturday 27th September.

More on: Une Nuit Blanche avec Oum Kalsoum

Pedicure Luxe/Budget - Bastien Gonzalez and J-Phil

Concept If you are rolling out the red carpet you could choose the world's best pedicure courtesy of Bastien Gonzales

He's a long way from Limousin but Bastien has retained his down to earth ways and sense of humour.  His trademark official pedicure was developed to give the toenails a mother of pearl sheen without the use of any polish, just his top secret polishing tools....wait and see, it really works. 

When he is not travelling all over the world, (he collaborates with One&Only Resorts) he's in Paris a few days a month at the Day Spa at the Hotel Bristol.

Hôtel Le Bristol
112 rue du Fbg St. Honoré,
75008 Paris

More on: Pedicure Luxe/Budget - Bastien Gonzalez and J-Phil

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