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Les Puces du Design

Buffet_loewy_5 Fauteuil_wassily_5 Pastoe_3 Plastique_rouge_5

Les Puces du Design is a 'flea market' (a luxe Flea Market at that....) selling retro furniture, vintage clothing and accessories from the 40s to the 80s.

The Puces du Design will be taking place this weekend (May 30th through June 1st). You'll find them on the Quai de la Loire, along the Bassin de la Villette in the 19th arrondissement where Eames, Saarinen and Panton are waiting for you.

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Sue Rynski & Bookie's Club at Galerie Nivet-Carzon

017_rynski_dam APRIL77 and the Nivet-Carzon art gallery present Sue Rynski and her series of photos entitled "Bookie's Club 870," a depiction of Detroit's underground rock scene dating from 1977 to 1980.

Far from No Future punk, Sue Rynksi's art fuses vitality and passion, as if she were on stage herself.  Her photos bring us rioght to the front of the stage.

The Bookie's Club 870, an old cafe turned landmark venue, hosted cult rock groups such as Destroy All Monsters, most notably with Ron Asheton as guitarist, Michael Davis, and Niagara...

Photo exhibition from June 13th through June 30th as part of the Parcours Parisien de la Photographie 2024.

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Small Cinema Session on Mai '68 at the Pavillon Arsenal


Photo: Godard and Coutard shooting "Deux ou trois choses que je sais d'elle", 1966 © DR

On the first Thursday of each month, the Pavillon de l'Arsenal and the Forum des images invite you to their Small Cinema Sessions, screenings of short films and documentaries involving Paris and its surroundings.

This month's edition will serve as an opportunity to remember the events of May '68 along with the Parisian landscape and architectural projects of the time.

Excerpts of news reels, documentaries and dramatic films will include Edouard Luntz's "Lescoeurs verts”  (1996), Jacques Tati's “Playtime” (1967), and Jean Luc Godard's “Deux ou trois choses que je sais d'elle” (1967).

A discussion on the major changes between May '68 and May '08 will also take place, hosted by by François CHASLIN, architect and architecture critic, and Jean-Yves DE LEPINAY, director of programmes at the Forum Des Images.

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Louise Bourgeois: Well... I guess that's what you'd call 'the conscious'

"€œI am a scientific person. I believe in psychoanalysis, in philosophy. For me the only thing that matters is the tangible."€ -Louise Bourgeois

Louise_2 Joanna Walsh (Baudade) writing for I V Y paris

I'm reading the guide notes on the walls of the Louise Bourgeois exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. They're annoying me. I'm seeing the exhibition with a friend. It's always good to have someone to complain to.

"Look, here it says about how miserable she is again: 'depression, anxiety, the fear of abandonment, of loss of love.' It says it's all going on in the 'depths of her unconscious'."

Although Bourgeois' material comes from the unconscious, and often from misery, she transforms it with tough, highly-articulate and playful conscious thought.

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Vuitton Vespa outside Bon Marché

Img00013Is this for real?  Just the thing to scoot down to ED and pick up those groceries. 

Une Douche ou Un Bain?


Unsure of whether I was going to get clean or dirty on the dance floor, I slipped into Les Bains Douches club on Saturday night.

A venue with a history -- Bains Douches was originally a municipal bathhouse turned bar, notably a home for Parisian new wave.

Andy Warhol would come to see the Dead Kennedys and Psychedelic Furs perform. Not to mention, Joy Division recorded an album of the same name, right here in 1979.

At the present day, Bains Douches has taken on a sound system (the club is the first to be equipped with Funktion-one, the same sound and installation concept you'd find at the Space in Ibiza).

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Celebrate " Dandyism" at the Dior Family Home

Diormuseum The Dior Museum on the Normandy coast at Granville has staged an exhibition celebrating Dandyism. 

One of the exhibits includes a white shirt belonging to Oscar Wilde, dating from when he was living in penniless exile, in a seedy Paris hotel (known now as the "hip" L'Hotel re-designed by Jaques Garcia, who has apparently taken down the notorious wallpaper).

"Dandysmes, 1808-2008" runs from May 1 to September 30 at Les Rhumbs,  Musée Christian Dior, in Granville.

Kitsch-Cool on the Champs

Img00012 At the foot of the Champs Elysées, this Master of découpage silhouettes was at work providing a bargain souvenir with an elegant twist. 

We've categorised him under "Street Art/Alternative" but it's a long way from Banksy. A bargain at 3 euros.

Richard Serra at the Grand Palais

Sarah-Neel Smith writing for I V Y Paris


Faced with the vastness of the ocean, who hasn't at some point felt very, very small? As he planned his installation for the yearly Monumenta series at the Grand Palais, Richard Serra felt similarly overwhelmed -- "submerged" -- in the venue's enormous, glass-encased space.

The artist's word choice is evocative. It is easy to imagine that the five mammoth steel slabs which make up Serra's final project, Promenade, have floated down through equally vast depths, lodging in the Grand Palais as if on the ocean floor. Slightly askew and sunk into the ground, they appear to stand upright only by dint of their own great weight.

Promenade might not be so impressive if it was outdoors (like Serra's 55-foot tall Fulcrum at London's Liverpool Station). Most city-dwellers no longer feel dwarfed by the skyscrapers which surround them, and Serra's gigantic installations sometimes blend so well into their urban environment that they disappear. But the combination of Promenade's steel slabs and the Grand Palais' soaring 1900 architecture actively reminds the visitor of their own tremendous smallness. At the same time, the Grand Palais' transparent walls allow one to see through to an even vaster expanse just beyond -- the sky.

Call For Entry: “el Botón” MANGO Fashion Awards

Fashion The “el Botón”- MANGO Fashion Awards offer young designers throughout the world the opportunity to participate in an international Fashion Design competition.

The competition, which takes place every 18 months, has the support of five of the most important Fashion Design Schools in Europe. The aim of this event is to give young fashion designers access to a new media platform, as well as the opportunity to market their collections.

If you turn to be one of the ten finalists among thousands of participants around the world, you will opt for the €300,000 prize.

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