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Mellow Fever at La Galerie des Galeries

Ana Lee writing for I V Y paris

Ile_pardouvin_130907_3Created in 2024, La Galerie des Galeries is a permanent exhibition space situated on the 1st floor of the Galeries Lafayette on boulevard Haussmann, behind the Galliano and Chloé designs.

La Galerie is also known to host the annual Antidote shows, initiated in 2024 by Guillaume Houzé, the greatgreat-grandson of Théophile Bader, founder of the Galeries Lafayette department store.

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Moccasin Mania

Ana Lee writing for I V Y paris

MoccasinsWith spring slowly on its way, the shop windows display possibilities of outfits I could wear should the sun come out. One detail I've found repeated in all the "Parisian chic" boutiques, (Maje, et vous, Sandro to name a few) is a couple of suede moccasin booties paired with a bohemian print dress or skinny jeans -- for a more city hipster meets Sante Fe look.
These ankle-high moccasin boots come in all different colors and are more versatile than last season's taller version.

BD review: Shaun Tan's "Là où vont nos pères"

03_arrival_p5Adrian K Sanders writing for I V Y paris

Là où vont nos pères is so achingly beautiful that it's no small wonder that it has picked up nearly every accolade a bande dessine can have, including this year's "Grand Prix" at Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d'Angoulême. Long time illustrator Shaun Tan's first venture into BD is stunning in its execution; an aesthetic and exhilarating retelling of an immigrant's story, what makes Là où vont nos pères so powerful is that it takes every possible advantage BD has to offer and creates a narrative that could only be told in pictures. This is not just one of the best BD's of the year; it's one of the best BD of the past few decades.

Tan depicts one family's story of immigration. The father leaves for a far away country in search of refuge and in hopes of eventually bringing his family with him. It's clear from the outset that something has gone terribly wrong in his mother country. Tan gives us a lasting image of a city rife with danger and evil as ominous black dragon tails cast their shadows over the city. These fantastical elements successfully transform the psychological anxiety of oppression into something immediate - a visual "monster" metaphor that tells us everything we need to know about the world they live in.

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Residency in Greve, Chianti (Florence) Italy.

La Macina di San Cresci is an independent non-profit association based in Greve in Chianti, a hill town in Tuscany. They are situated midway between two great cities of the Renaissance: Florence & Siena.
The goal is to give an opportunity to exchange experiences and to learn from one another, in order to promote dialogue between different cultures. The centre, open to artists, writers, poets, actors and to other art and culture professionals from around the world, offers the opportunity to work alone, or together with other creative people from other countries, developing and interchanging concise ideas on contemporary art and culture.

Artist residency consist of sojourning from 7 to 90 days . This period covers a program based on the personal project proposal presented by the artist and includes the attendance to the workshops in several disciplines (when scheduled). More information and application form

Contact :
Demetria Verduci
Project Coordinator
La Macina di san Cresci
Via San Cresci 1
50022 Greve in Chianti (FI)

Pavillon des Arts et du Design

Ana Lee writing for I V Y paris

Shakespeare_49 From April 2nd to April 6th, 2024.

For its 12th edition, the annual Pavillon des Arts et du Design (PAD), a modern art and design fair, will be taking place in the Jardin des Tuileries here in Paris. Recognized internationally, PAD has become the Grand Salon of the 20th century (1860/2008), assembling the most talented and innovative dealers in the domain.

The fair will include some of the biggest names in the industry: Clara Scremini Gallery, Galerie Plaisance, Nilufar Gallery, Jacques Lacoste, Jousse Entreprise, Galerie Hopkins-Custot, Galerie Italienne, Galerie Downtown François Laffanour, Chahan Gallery, Jean-François Chabolle, Dansk Mobelkunst, Galerie Avant-Scène, Applicat-Prazan…

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Marie Antoinette: Another Look For Another Chance

Dontmention620_2 Pamela Price writing for I V Y Paris

In recent years Marie Antoinette has been revealed in a new light. Antonia Fraser's biography detailed the realities of the life of the Austrian teenager who was a young victim of royal push n' shoves (remind you of anyone Di fans?). The biography then inspired Sofia Coppola to direct the 2024 film, which spun 80's rock beats to the party hardy life of the vulnerable adolescent who was expected to deliver a handsome heir to the throne of France.

Just this month, the Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais unveiled their Marie Antoinette Exhibition, which is scheduled to run until June 30th, 2024. The exhibition is yet another chance to consider the life of the woman whose reputation has been soured by rumors for centuries. What is even more intriguing is the way in which the curators have set up the artwork...

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Kitsuné: Rock Out at Rue de Richelieu

Pamela Price writing for I V Y Paris


Do you recall Kitsuné? Just put your aviators back on and you'll remember. Kitsuné: French electronic music record label meets American Apparel'ish fashion lines that make for a great wardrobe at the U.S. Open.

Now you remember. Pastel colored Lacoste-like collared shirts. If you need to stock up on your simplistic hoodies and 'skinny' jeans, you're in luck. Kitsuné is launching the opening of their exclusive Paris boutique.

The new rad boutique on Rue de Richelieu will carry everything funky: From the James Heeley designed candle series to evening dresses by Commuun, and hell, why not some underwear to go underneath by Schiesser.

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French Word-A-Day and Rouge-Bleu come to Paris: Wine Tasting and Book Signing


Kristin and Jean-Marc Epinasse of French Word-A-Day and Rouge-Bleu fame have completed their tour of the United States. Lucky for us, they will be stopping off in Paris to have a wine tasting and book reading before returning to their vineyard in the south of France.

Kristin will be talking about her life as an ex-pat blogger, running Word-A-Day, and writing Words in a French Life, while Jean-Marc serves up wine from his Domaine Rouge-Bleu and even a few bottles of his uncle's Domaine du Banneret from the Châteauneuf-du-Pape!

April 10th in Paris : Juvéniles Wine Bar from 6 to 9 PM
Juvéniles Wine Bar, 47 Rue Richelieu, 75001 Paris
More info here: www.rouge-bleu.com

The Life of a Badaude

Badaude's Joanna Walsh writing and illustrating for IVY paris.

C'est lui - Le Roi du cafe*

I can admit that the cafe du coin (where they lost my keys, remember) has become my number one cafe of choice, not to mention my QG (HQ) and a.m. office. So, in way of apology, I'm offering an homage to the place.

At the moment, I'm there almost every morning. I'm the one in the corner with the portable (laptop) trying to look inconspicuous during the breakfast rush.

Paris is an inside-out city where apartments are so tiny that you have to go out to have breakfast. And, when you do, it's a social occasion. It's a party.

And what do Parisians do at a party? They like to argue.

The bar's already crowded. A group of mecs (guys) stack their moto-helmets on the bar, and begin earnestly discussing the pouvoir d'achat (cost of living). This is the French equivalent of an English conversation about house prices - and if you're from the UK you'll know exactly the level of detail this implies. What are they saying? Apparently the essential foodstuff by which the rise in grocery prices is measured is natuaral yoghurt (hausse choquant du 40% - 40% shock price rise!). Natural yoghurt - a dietary staple? Only in France.

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Call for submissions: Hitotoki comes to Paris!


What is Hitotoki?

Hitotoki is an online literary project collecting stories of singular experiences tied to locations in cities worldwide. Sort of like a narrative map of the world.

The word Hitotoki is a Japanese noun comprised of two components: hito or "one" and toki or "time," and is often translated as "a moment." In common usage, it can be used to describe any brief, singular stretch of time.

Hitotoki is a website comprised of short narratives describing pivotal moments of elation, confusion, absurdity, love or grief — or anything in between — inseparably tied to a specific place. Like a Japanese, web-centered take on psychogeography.

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