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Hot Pastrami at Sacha Finkelsztajn

Shakespeare_16 After having raided the town for some marinated meats, I finally found my haven on Rue des Rosiers in the Marais. Here you can find a number of Jewish Delis specializing in "Yiddish Gastronomy."

Among the many, Sacha Finkelsztajn offers a different take on the pastrami sandwich, layering lean spiced beef, slim cucumber and tomato slices, red chili paste, and eggplant caviar on an onion roll.

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Richard Rogers + Architects at Beaubourg

Shakespeare_29 Now thru March 3rd, 2024

An occasion to catch up on your architecture homework, this exhibition presents a body of work produced by Richard Rogers and his associates: from the first projects completed with Norman and Wendy Foster and Sue Rogers (as part of the Team 4 practice in the 1960s) to current projects with Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners' firm. This retrospective is also an occasion to retrace the design of the Centre Pompidou in the 1970s.

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L'île de Crète


Pamela Price writing for I V Y Paris

Sure, it's great to walk out of the discoteque at 4 in the morning and chow down on a sandwich grec (gyro) because the take-out hole in the wall is the only food place open, but what if it's 12 P.M. and you want to eat without worrying about your entire sandwich falling out of your hands and splattering onto the sidewalk? Head for L'île de Crète: serving cuisine Crétoise since 1973...

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Porthault - Fine Linens

Shakespeare_21 Jackie O, Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn were Porthault addicts.

If you enjoy getting up close and personal with high thread count bedsheets follow in their kitten heeled footsteps down avenue Montaigne to the hôtel particulier, which houses this haut de gamme specialist in linen, Egyptian cotton (406-thread count) and dentelle de Calais.

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Art Sneakin' Up

Pamela Price writing for I V Y Paris

Shakespeare_88 Walking down another small random street in Paris.

Passing a Boulangerie. Passing a Tabac. Maybe I'll buy a baguette. Don't feel like turning around. Passing an Art Gallery. Don't feel like going in.

I would have walked right past Item Éditions, but a kind old man swung the gallery doors open and urged me to take a look at the exhibition. It was a small venue, but a pleasant one. I read the vernissage info, David Lynch: Prints in Paris. I had no idea the intriguing Hollywood director was also a fine artist, exhibiting in this teensy gallery off of rue du Montparnasse. I was impressed...

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Call for entry - Festival Filmer la Musique


For its second edition, the festival Filmer la Musique is calling for your latest film project. The Festival will take place in Paris at Point Ephemere and the MK2 Quai de Seine, from the 3rd to the 8th of June 2024. Documentaries, fiction, home made videos, phone films...Filmer la Musique takes interest in all different approaches.

Participate in the festival and send your films and video clips before March 15, 2024. More information here.

"Urban Landscapes" at Maison Européenne de la Photographie

Sarah-Neel Smith writing for I V Y Paris

Ba_01a At Urban Landscapes, the city blocks, industrial wastelands, and skylines of Berlin, Shanghai, New York, and Paris are mixed like typefaces on a page. In this haze, some characters stand out as glaringly obvious: the Flatiron Building in New York, Shanghai's neon signs. Others are easily misidentified: four scenes of what appears to be the same silver-toned, blue-skied cityscape are revealed to be from different locations. The slow separating out of skyline 'typefaces' sends viewers on a trip from obscurity to clarity, and back again. Artist Jean-Christophe Ballot likes this sort of game.

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Cinema Danton's menagerie

Ratatouille Sarah-Neel Smith writing for I V Y Paris

It started with a minor internal conflict which has come to typify my Paris student life. A great film is minutes away from being screened, just down the street, and I've got my magical Carte Illimité (limitless cinema visits for only 20 euros a month); but something else tugs me in another direction (class, hunger, friends).

This night, I was ravenous. I decided to grab whatever remained in my nearly empty fridge and eat it in the dark later, where nobody would be able to see what a pitiful dinner I was having.

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César Estay Herrera - Live at Radio France « Akousma :nouvelle génération »

Grm344x224Created in 1958, le Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM) is celebrating it's 50th birthday : 50 years of créations musicales which has seen it become a worldwide standard bearer for electroacoustic music. Historique du GRM.

Entry by invitation only contact Cesar for details.
Maison de Radio France
Salle Olivier Messiaen
116 avenue du Président Kennedy
75016 PARIS
RER Kennedy-Radio France

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