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I V Y paris invites you to the Louvre

Eur_erco_louvre_glas_intro_1_0Join an expected 5000 invitees this Sunday at Expatica's conference and experience Paris' contemporary art scene among international expatriate and French artists. RSVP.

Exhibiting in the famous Carrousel du Louvre, these talented young international artists are facing an extreme challenge – not only did they create new works of art worthy of exhibiting at the Louvre, but now they also must hang and perform their art in an open space within the museum’s ramparts, but without using any walls!

This year's group of international artists, from as far away as New York, Mexico, Chile and (closer to home), France, are creating art with a Parisian vision. Their new works include glowing photographic triptychs taken by artificial light in Paris’ hotels and metro stations, musical rhythms evoking far-away lands and Rembrandt-esque portraits in oils.

Why have these young talented artists come from all over the globe to start their ateliers in Paris? According to them, being in Paris is experiencing first hand l’art de vivre; here, a mosaic of international artists help make up this city’s vibrant artist character. With the city’s support and respect for art and culture, it’s location at the center point of Europe with a great transportation hub, and the glamour of the Parisian lifestyle, Paris is now as ever a network for artists from all over.

IVY paris artist network has been helping talented young artists meet, support and inspire each other in their artistic endeavors since 2024. Begun with only 5 artists, IVY has grown to include painters, photographers, sculptors, conceptual artists, writers, musicians, performers, dancers, video artists and fashion designers.

Words by Lorraine Jordan

The following artists are among those exhibiting:
Michael Bianchi
Romain Donadio
Jean-Francois Hayot
Anne-Sophie Jal
Jim Kezman
Michelle Korte
Monte Laster
Antonio Meza
Hermann Schmidlin
Wendy and Alexander Taut
Danielle Voirin
Susan Watson

Exhibiting musicians
Elsa Biston
Joe Crossley

Gregory Desgouttes
Nicolas Drewski
César Estay Herrera
Juan Rodrigo Garcia
Hiram Zagoya
Tao Yu

Grateful thanks are due to our sponsors, Marin Art Supplies and Point P, Paris 18e and photographer David Mccairley and Lalande Digital Press for our print materials

Bonapart Paris apartments


Michael Bianchi a un talent incroyable. Dommage que nous ne puissions admirer ses oeuvres sur votre site! Grosse bise à toute sa famille.
Un admirateur lointain.....

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