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20 Arnaques (rip-offs)

Evian_palaceBroken velib
1. Haircuts
2. Dry cleaning
3. 1€ bathroom entry and 3€ toilet rolls at Printemps
4. Bottled water in restaurants and cafés
5. Pink Lady apples
8. Mobicarte
9. Service Plomberie

10. Manicure / pedicure
11. Dépots de vente
12. L'épicerie du coin
13. Printer ink
14. Developing photographs
15. A pint
16. Anything en livraison
18. Rôtisserie chicken
19. Shaving razors
20. Vélibs, only when: flat tyres , no brakes, bent wheel, sliding seat, wobbly handlebars, loose chain, gears slipping, the machine doesn't print a ticket, using it for over half an hour ... forgetting where you parked it. Otherwise a bargain.

Thanks to Kinneret Rosenbloom for suggesting 20 "super-over priced Parisian items" and winning the much coveted 'Elles' catalogue.

Bonapart Paris apartments



ANd Epicerie's after 10pm

Letitia Farris Toussaint

I would like to add any form of continued education for adults: guitar, Access database, painting restoration, speed reading and just about any other kind of class I've looked into!

Sue Rynski

To me Mobicarte isn't a rip off - but Orange forfaits can be! Mobicarte is less expensive for me than the cheapest forfait plan, and there's no engagement.

Thanks for the list - confirms a few things I was thinking myself!


Zénith? How can a venue be a rip off? Prices here are far cheaper than in other venues around the city. Haircuts? You can get one for 6 Euros round my way!

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