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20 Paris Essentials

Jeff 1. Navigo
2. Cigarettes
3. Scarf
4. Plan de Paris
5. Moleskin / Diary
6. Smart phone
7. Flats / walking shoes
8. Canvas bag / basket
9. Anything to write with
10. Loose change for a quick café en terrasse
11. Ray bans
12. Proof of current living address
13. Pariscope
14. Attitude (always)
15. Your CB for some planned impulse shopping
16. Bottled water
17. Business cards
18. The latest Prix Goncourt
19. Sunscreen
20. Black

Photo features Jeff, courtesy of Swagger Paris

Bonapart Paris apartments


The bottled water should be in what the French call a "gourde," e.g. a stainless steel canteen. They are all over New York now, and many come with fancy patterns on them and insulated carrying bags. The last thing Paris needs is more plastic bottles! Especially since so many people don't recycle.

I absolutely agree with you.

Daily waste recycling is very slowly gaining ground - kind of - but bottled water is as popular as ever - whereas in London and NYC it seems to be frowned upon to order it in restaurants.

So, robinet - the next big thing?

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