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'Who Is Who' 2024 Hip-Hop Battle: Bring it...

Pamela Price writing for I V Y Paris


September, what a beautiful month. The leaves are changing colors, gracefully falling from their branches, pumpkins appear, and hip hop dancers are krumpin' it, poppin' it, and lockin' it.

Coming this Fall to Paris, France for the third consecutive year... The 'Who Is Who' Battle, where the b-boys and b-girls of the world come out of the woodwork with their kicks, beats, and ultimate hip hop battle skills.

Dancers have six chances to earn a champion title. It's a one on one battle in Pop'N/Boogaloo, Locking, House Dance, Newstyle, B.Boying, and Krump. So if you think you can bring it in any of these categories, you have the chance to win a champion title for the 2009 Battle.

Just to get a taste of who brought their skill in previous battles, the current champions of 2024 were:
YUGSON, Newstyle (France)
JSMOOTH, Pop'n/Boogaloo (Los Angeles)
THIEU, B.boying (France)
JIMMY SOUL, Locking (France)
YUGSON, HouseDance (France)

It's an open battle for all dancers...

All you have to do is register by sending an e-mail to whoiswho2006@hotmail.fr. Dancers will be selected on September 27th in order to battle on September 28th!

But hold up a second... Paris is going all out for the 2008 'Who Is Who' Battle by offering training sessions with only the best... the judges (Brian Green, Gucchon, Niako, David Colas, and Tony Gogo)! Dancers have their last chance to spice up their skills by reserving their place with 29 others (30 dancer limit). The session will take place from September 22nd to the 26th. Clean up your moves with some finishing touches battlers!

Forget the after party (although I'm sure there will be one of those too)... Paris pumps it up with the Before-Party on September 26th at Coulisses.

They're going all out for the 2008 'Who Is Who' Hip Hop Battle in Paris, France this September. If you got it, krump it on over to the fiercest battle of the year this Fall.

Battle Info:
Register: whoiswho2006@hotmail.fr
Tel: 06 26 59 17 39

Training Session Registration:

Training Session: Sept. 22nd-26th, 2024
Before Party: September 26th, 2024
Pre-Selection: September 27th,2008
Battle: September 28th, 2024

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go Yugson! This is unmissable

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