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Erotikon in Bastille

Last night I squeezed myself into the packed salle for Erotikon, one of the 5 monthly parties exploring the erotic and it's effect on art and culture. I would say it was a theatrical-intello crowd from 25 - 55 years old, a lack of noticeable sleaze-balls and a good vibe.  But it was busy, thoroughly packed, hot and sticky (but a pleasant absence of too much smoke).

I had to go home early after the sexy breakdancing,  writhing Geisha woman, art-house porn (people cat-called and hackled the director shouting it was too long) and the couple that did a tap-type routine about Baked Beans on the bar - in English.

The best act ( it was almost a cabaret-style evening) was the Italian lady who did a puppet show featuring two amorous turtle glove puppets.  It was all too much for a Monday evening but probably a lot more interesting than Pigalle or St Denis, if you're looking for a little titillation with a  slightly intellectual edge. I didn't feel much frisson in the air but there was very little room to move.

The next events are in April and May, last Monday of the month at Le Reservoir, 16 rue Forge Royale, 75011.

Photographs by David Mccairley, who got frightened and ran off home leaving me to walk around looking for him for 45 minutes - or rather walk around feeling paranoid that people thought I was looking for someone to have sex with.

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david mccairley

susie I am reeeeeaallly sorry,sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry...grovel david.


And he SHOULD grovel - the cad :-) I'm glad to hear that some people heckled - people are often too uncritically passive at Arty events. It all sounds a bit pathetic really - but, if you've nothing else to do ... The demos sound more fun :-)

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