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Betrayal at the Essaïon Théâtre

Betrayal_ad_50x85final Behind the giant form of the Centre Pompidou, at the end of a narrow side-street are the doors to the Essaïon Théâtre. The 100 seater theatre is located in the cave of the building, hosting Tiresies Productions' rendering of Harold Pinter's Betrayal.

VINGT is offering two pairs of free tickets courtesy of Tiresies' Productions.  Email us at news (at) vingtparis.com if you'd like to attend.

Betrayal is probably Pinter's most accessible work, but it offers plenty of opportunity for this London based production company to re-interpret the structure and form of the play. 

The plot's chronology runs backwards and as the affair between the three characters is revealed, Pinter captures, with delicacy and precision, the shifting perception of betrayal, and the nature of love and friendship turned cold. 

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The Art of Russian Popular Dress

Magic and Wonder at the Pierre Berge/Yves Saint Laurent Fondation Exhibit

ARTIFICE writing for VINGT Paris
Russianfolk The Fondation Pierre Berge - Yves Saint Laurent exhibit on Russian Dress is filled with wonderful details, in a carefully designed space complete with lighting, and scenic elements which evoke the idealized world of the Russian Peasant. I was taken in by the sheer splendor of this beautiful exhibit space: Sheaves of wheat decorated the room, patterns of light were on the walls and the floors were covered with wooden floorboards which felt different under your feet. Music played and a large grouping of white figures dressed in full costume stood silently, as if a performance was about to begin.

The archive of Russian costumes were lovingly assembled by Yves Saint Laurent, an avid collector of all things Russian during his lifetime. He even built a Russian summer home, a “Dacha”, on his property at Normandie. A replica was recreated as part of the exhibition space and cleverly divided the rooms. I was prepared for a series of costumes that were simple in character: regional, homespun, and evocative of the typical Russian peasant that populates a Chekov play. Some of those costumes there, were showing homespun details, embroidery and fabrics mostly red in color. 

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20 Old School

Beret 1. Bérets
2. Pétanque
3. Butcher paper
4. Fountain Pens
5. Stamps (or getting papers stamped)
6. Church bells
7. Chess
8. Deux Chevaux
9. Minitel
10. Bermuda shorts
11. Espadrilles
12. Pastis
13. Cops on roller blades
14. Handkerchiefs
15. Tweed
16. Tobacco Pipes
17. Bidets
18. Sweater vests
19. Moustaches
20. Walking canes

Photo:  Elliott Erwitt/Magnum Photos

Été Vacarme at Point Ephémère

Make some noise

The Point Ephémère, bar, restaurant, gallery, venue ... all round art centre, is well known to most of the VINGT team and friends and it remains a great hang-out. Taking a few friends along there last Friday, we found it buzzing like usual, with the entire canal quay-side lined with a youthful crowd, supping on Heineken stubbies and smoking rollies.

There is still plenty of evening entertainment still on offer this summer and though much of the SUNNY AFTER WORK APERO MIX is finished, three evenings remain: Mercredi 26 août - Yaya Herman Düne, Jeudi 27 août - Bogue, Vendredi 28 août - Turzi (Record Makers). 

Make Some Noise on the 29th August, is with live sets from Cuiziner and Joke, and Mightyfools, Dj Manaia, Riot Kid, French Fries and Lazy Flow to follow up.

Then in September, the Point Ephémère is hosting a few acts for Jazz is not Dead from September's Jazz at la VIllette. For full programs go to citedelamusique.fr.

In the gallery space, the Cet été, je ne partirai pas en vacances exhibition continues until the 18th September, with it's giant mural instillation of written, visual and recorded correspondences: a blog of public debate, to which anyone can add. A selection of cartoon designs and photography (from Willem and photographer Renata Bueno) are incorporated into the design.

At the Cinema - VINGT Recommends

Nick Forrester writing for VINGT Paris

Portraits de femmes chinoises
Last week I saw the French release of Inglourious Basterds, Quentin Tarantino's blood splattered "spaghetti western, but with World War II iconography". 

Tarantino will always be accused of overindulgence in some quarters for certain excesses. However, excellent moments of dialogue, screenplay and the usual gore and brutality, means that this lives up to it's billing as one of the summer's big releases. Showing at cinemas nationwide. 

Le Hérisson, adapted from the bestselling French novel L'élégance du hérisson, has been by no means as successful on screen. However, the depiction of bourgeoisie Parisian life, contrasted with the quiet concierge's humble existence is brought together, visually, very cleverly by Mona Achache, the director. This works best through the eyes of the precocious child Paloma, played by the excellent Garance Le Guillermic, who films everything with her family video camera. Her camera settles on the small everyday details, which gives a fantastic insight into the life of each character, viewed through a child’s perceptive eyes. For cinemas and timings see allocine.fr.

Portraits de femmes Chinoises (Niu lang zhi nu), written and director by Chinese filmmaker and poet Lichuan Yin, traces three migrant youths in the outskirts of a Chinese megalopolis. The triangular relationship is framed by rough urban landscape, but captured with beautiful and subtle photography. Showing at MK2 Beaubourg and Espace Saint-Michel.

Là-haut (Up), Disney and Pixar's highly rated animation, out in France a few weeks ago, offers some more light-hearted entertainment. In this simple but beautiful story a 78-year-old man dreams of seeing the wilds of South America, so ties enough balloons to his house to make it fly there. See it in 3D at MK2 Quai de Loire.

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Espace Créateurs at Forum des Halles

Artifice writing for VINGT Paris

Pedro WilB One way for young designers to gather together with a mass audience is to use commercial space left empty by retailers and create a boutique experience. Marie Raflin, the mastermind behind Espace Créateurs,(in the inglorious FORUM DES HALLES has done just that to lure people in from the surrounding shops. Even a unique concept store, just for children, is there to tempt harried mums who are tired of H&M.

I took a walk through their eight design spaces and was glad to see a lot of variety. There is something for everyone, with the boutiques arranged by designer and grouped in a stylistic sort of way, which works well to begin with. But be prepared, it is not for the fashion faint of heart: these are new, young designers who have a vision you may not have seen before. The boutiques themselves reminded me of going to a sample sale - if you’re not an experienced shopper, this will be challenging for you. 

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20 Puddings

ChezjanouPicture 1 1. Mousse au chocolat - Chez Janou, 4e
2. Tartelette citron - Carl Marletti, 5e
3. Crème brûlée - l'Impasse, 4e
4. Montblanc - Angélina, 1er
5. Crema Catalana - Cave Saint Gilles, 3e
6. Tiramisu - Chez Vincent, 19e
7. Gâteau au café - Café des Philosophes, 4e
8. Ile flottante - La Coupole, 14e
9. Lemon cheesecake - Da Rosa, 6e
10. Chocolat menthe marriage - Le Train Bleu, 12e
11. Mi-cuit au chocolat - Marty, 5e
12. Panacotta - Les Vitelonni, 3e
13. Eclair au chocolat - Carette, 16e
14. Macaron - Ladurée, 1e, 6e, 8e
15. Crêpe - Breizh Café, 3e
16. Flan nature - L'Autre Boulange, 11e
17. Baba au rhum - La Luna, 8e
18. Profiteroles - Julien, 1er
19. Fondant au chocolat - L'Emile, Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 1er
20. Opéra - Picard (!)

Photo above features the mousse au chocolat Chez Janou, taken by silentwrath. Below, tartelette citron at Carl Marletti.

La Terrasse FLO

Laterrasse On the roof off the Printemps department store, this bar-restaurant is a real pleasure to visit - especially in August which cuts out the escalator queue.

Grab your mini bottle of 5 euro wine at entry and head to the large terrace with panoramic views over all of Paris' monuments; the bottle should last you two generous glasses.

Beach wood flooring and city luminescence from up top can leave one in a dreamlike state - that alone makes for good vibes and a relaxing evening with friends.

Note: The place is really rockin' during the warmer seasons, especially for the "alternatively" living.

La Terrasse FLO - Le Printemps
64 boulevard Haussmann
75009 Paris

New architecture in the Marais

Susie Hollands writing for VINGT Paris

20090318_192247_mur-facade 20090318_191528_paroi The building on the corner of rue de Turenne and the rue Saint-Antoine was one of the last in the 4th arrondissiment to be classed as "insalubrious". It was sticking out like a sore thumb and in prime real estate territory (10,000 - 11,000euros per m²). So, the Mairie de Paris took the opportunity to reinforce it's committment to preserving Paris' mixité sociale (perhaps it's too late Bertrand). 

Over two years the young architects with a small budget (2.1 million euros), Karine Chartier and Thomas Corbasson have pulled off a winner - 11 Logement sociaux (social housing apartments) ranging from studios to three bedrooms span the 5 storey, 900m² space.  Each apartment benefits from a terrace and the new inhabitants were hanging out on the balcony looking pretty perky when I passed the other day.

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Rock en Seine, Jazz à la Villette and Fête du l’Humanité

916,jazzok 2009 Rock en Seine On the festival front, there are a few big events in August and September to add to the music calendar.

At the end of August, Rock en Seine has a great schedule of big names playing. VINGT Paris will be there to soak up the atmosphere, with the likes of Oasis, Bloc Party, Madness, the Prodigy, MGMT and a loads more - the weekend should be a cracker.   Friday seems to have the strongest line-up for those not wishing to commit to the full weekend.

Special mention from us goes to three acts not to be missed:

- Vitalic, who is releasing a new album in September, but will no doubt offer French electro delights from their brilliant Ok Cowboy (2005)

- The Horrors from England, who released Primary Colours this year which has been nominated for the Mercury Music prize.

- And finally, the Klaxons who are finishing off things on Sunday, adding a bit of spice to the indie norm. Other musical events to look forward include Jazz à la Villette which kicks off at the beginning of September for two weeks. The 200 artists and 50 groups should confirm that “jazz is not dead”. Then from September 11th to the 13th, the Parc de la Courneuve host's la Fête de l’Humanité with Manu Chao and the Kooks headlining the music stage and a wealth of other activities, from theatre to sport. 

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