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Marmite for Paule Caillat

Wed 22/11/2006 18:58 22112006285
This post is for Paule Caillat who had never heard of the British sandwich spread made from yeast extract.  It's available in La Grand Epicerie. It's  a great place to comfort shop - they also have british chocolate bars called Double Deckers.

Here's an older post from after I took a class with her earlier this year:

Paule's cooking school in the Marais is legendary and she is the most no-nonsense feisty instructor (classes are small and intimate with only 3 or 4 attendees).


Siège du PCF - French Communist Party


The French Communist party headquarters (don't look so scared kids......) is an amazing building in the 19th arrond. designed by Brazilian architect (and poet and philosopher and artist) Oscar Niemeyer.

There is currently an exposition by painter Jacques Benoit, a hommage to Niemeyer and the three buildings he constructed in Ile de France between 1967 and 1989 - this one and La Bourse départementale du travail de Bobigny and the offices of «L'Humanité» in St-Denis.

Note - one of Niemeyer's relations is in I V Y paris, and lives and paints in Paris to this day!

Espace Niemeyer. Siège du PCF. 2 Place du Colonel Fabien. Paris Xe M° Colonel Fabien - you will easily spot the building from outside, it looks like a spaceship.

Jacques Benoit Painting Showing Niemeyer with Plans Outside the Building

Sat 25/11/2006 17:13 25112006297

Seating for conferences inside the dome


Ceiling in siège du PCF

The light comes from outside through special refractive plastic so it doesn't glare. It's really rather beautiful.

Seating in PCF 2


Ernesto Neto's installation at Pantheon

Some words from Katherine Converse  - I was too overwhelmed to be very coherent :)

Ernesto Neto'sPanthen miraculous transformation of the Pantheon, the classical bastion of French Culture, is not to be missed! The monumental free-form, fabric installation is the perfect complement to the cold, imposing, marble interior. Light, gauzy, pendulous blobs droop and sway from the heights. Soft, organic shapes - as uplifting and soulful as fantasy cobwebs - are the perfect antithesis to the stark, geometric space. The duality of life-death, nature-culture, spirit-reason, laughter-silence play back and forth as Foulcault's pendulum swings silently in the center, leaving you with renewed philosophical musings. A profoundly moving experience!


Dimitri_1 M.A.C. 2006 (Manifestation d'Art Contemporain) started yesterday and runs until Sunday.  They are hoping for 15,000 attendees.  I won't be one of them - in the last few weeks I've been to Paris Photo, Slick, Jeune Creation, DIVA, Show OFF, NuitBlanche.  I'm Fiac'd. My capacity for l'art contemporain is on the wane and I'm going to hibernate and work on my own ideas and hang out with friends who are stitching, singing, composing, filming, painting and snapping photographs. I've realised this is what inspires me about Paris and I don't think I like art fairs anymore. 

Good luck to Dimitri Fagbohoun who showed with the other I V Y paris artists at our Spring show in La Chapelle Saint-Louis de la Salpêtrière.

HOTEL DE DROUOT - Modern, Contemporary and Post-War Auction Sale

Arman The sale will take place at this famous Paris auction house Hotel de Drouot
on December, 4th, 2024 at 2:30 pm

There is a preview period (see slide show) if you'd like to take a look and see inside this institution
Saturday, December, 2th from 11:00 am - 6:00 pm and Monday, December, 4th
11:00 - 12:00 am

Part I is about publications, documents on artists like Arman, Cesar, Aubertin, Degottex, Duchamp, Journiac, Raynaud. Posters and invitations to shows (Iris Clert, Sonnabend galleries).
Part II deals with multiples, lithographs from swiss artist Tinguely, italian artist Sandro Chia and also Esteve, Matta, Masson, Monory, Sosno...
Part III are original artworks with Paul Ackermann (oil on canvas), Arman, drawings from Sergio De Castro, acrylic on paper of Noel Dolla and several works from Figuration Narrative (Guyomard, Jacquet, Kermarrec, Rancillac, Schlosser).
There is also an important composition (1995) of Pavlos, a photography in black & white of Spencer Tunnick.

Hôtel Drouot
Adresse : 9 rue Drouot, 75009 Paris
Téléphone : 01 48 00 20 20
Accès :
Bus : 20, 39, 48, 67, 74, 85
Metro : Richelieu-Drouot (ligne 8 ou 9), Le Peletier (ligne 7)

A New Way to Experience Art, Fashion and Music

FLY’s visionary collection of exclusive short fashion films, interviews, documentaries and music videos are released on a limited-edition dvd with a graphic silkscreen cover printed on recycled handmade packaging.

Call me out of the loop because I'd never heard of it until they arrived in paris to release the second limited edition issue with a special launch party at one of Paris' hippest stores, L’Eclaireur, during Fashion Week in October. I've been so busy I've only just had time to watch the DVD......it was worth the wait.
Contributors include some of the best established and emerging designers, filmmakers, photographers, artists, animators and musicians from around the world. Some of the many contributors to FLY’s next issue include Alex Cayley, Karl Lagerfeld, Thomas Schenk, Vanina Sorrenti, John Malkovich, Tiziano Magni, Paolo Zambaldi and Shirin Neshat. Fashion featured in FLY’s 14 fashion films come from Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Hussein Chalayan, Boudicca, Fendi, Alice Roi, Karl Lagerfeld, Richard Chai with music from Ellen Alien, Sebastien Tellier, Gogol Bordello, Gravenhurst and Dani Siciliano amongst others.
FLY is sold through some of the best fashion, lifestyle, museum and art book stores in over 25 cities around the world. Full list of stores.


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