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Piss Factory

This post is in honour of Stéphane Monnet who has just returned to Toronto after a brief sojourn in Paris. The wire sculpture was inspired by his stay in the City of Lights.

I finally found out why so many men are pissing in the streets. It's simply a question of manners. I understand from French etiquette guru Tamiko Zablith that it's considered very bad form, nay, a manieres felony, to excuse oneself to go to the toilet/bathroom/restroom during dinner at a restaurant or private home. Before dessert.

Or just to be on the safe side, don’t do it at all.

The French are good at holding it in. Kids are taught to "go" before leaving home and as a result childhood bladder infections are top of the pops in France.

Maybe those who have to fait pee-pee in the passages, Metro stations, or even right in front of St Michel Fontaine, FACING the crowds, are just busting to go after a long involved French conversation which ran on after five courses.

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